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Cholesterol isn't a plague that you need to avoid. In fact, cholesterol is required in several important body functions. Yet conventional doctors often neglect to tell you this and unnecessarily prescribe cholesterol-lowering drugs, putting your health at risk.
It's time for you to learn the truth about cholesterol, and the better indicators of heart disease than just your total cholesterol level. Check out this ‪#‎infographic‬ and help educate others by sharing this with your friends and family. 

California is burning again, and its going to get much worse. The more they spray, the less it will rain overall, period. The dryer it gets, the hotter it will be. Rain is constantly migrated around the West, later to come down in a deluge further East. The West dries and fries, the East froze all winter and now its flooding, welcome to geoengineering.

Mozilla says the fight against restrictive DRM technology has been lost. We say the fight isn't over.

If You Are Doing Nothing Wrong You Have PLENTY to Fear  30 Examples
How do you know you are doing nothing that could be construed as wrong by some state functionary? How do you know you are not breaking some law somewhere? And why are you so implicitly trusting that your government would never do anything evil with the information it has collected on you?
This is not purely an academic matter. The practical implications are profound.
I give you several examples.
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