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The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) first started as the Division of Chemistry, and was later known as the Bureau of Chemistry, long before changing its name to the FDA. Its name was changed to conceal its chemical industry agenda. The original chemists from the Bureau of Chemistry, later to become the FDA, were prominent scientists in 1909. The true job of the FDA was, and is, to “approve” and sanction products from the chemical industry. This loophole legally shields the chemical industry from dissatisfaction among citizens by declaring what is “safe.” The FDA has always provided a type of legal immunity for companies that put chemicals into foods, as well as to pharmaceutical companies via its “approvals,” which leave citizens without legal recourse against the chemical industry. The FDA routinely gathers private data to share with their chemical industry partners to mitigate liability. For example, contamination information that they hide from the public is called “P.R. Issues.” Good luck winning a case against a billion dollar chemical company whose products are “FDA Approved.” When this happens, the product is given a Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) status. The GRAS status shields the chemical companies and gives them plausible deniability. The FDA stands accused of being little more than a rubber-stamping agency for Big Pharma.
John D. Rockefeller, Jr., son of the Standard Oil magnate, was the key figure behind monopolizing the American medical establishment, originating around 100 years ago. Using his vast inherited wealth and enormous political influence, he helped create the American Medical Association (AMA), bribed every medical school with the threat of eliminating funding, gained control over medical licensing, and forced all medical doctors to practice allopathic medicine to stay solvent. Allopathic is the patentable and most profitable form of medicine. It is also the slash, poison, and burn form of medicine that can be very harmful to the body. Of course, this form of medicine has seldom been consistently effective, only expensive.
The modern FDA was founded in 1913, which is the same year the Rockefeller Foundation was created. The FDA works hand-in-hand with the Rockefeller Foundation and the American Medical Association. The Rockefeller Foundation places its main emphasis upon medicine and medical education. Initial Rockefeller Foundation medical school donations totaled over a half billion dollars. By 1928, the Rockefeller Foundation gave money to 18 medical universities in 14 countries. Its partners at the FDA began an aggressive campaign of suppressing natural remedies and homeopathic medicines that competed with the chemical industry. Ignoring the many valid and replicated studies verifying the effectiveness of these inexpensive, alternative remedies, they used the tried and true fear tactic of labeling them “untested, dangerous and unapproved.” 
Medicine was not the lucrative market that it has become today, so medical schools were begging for the Rockefeller grants that were handed out only to compliant schools. According to McGill University Press, “In 1919, a five million dollar Rockefeller Foundation gift to certain Canadian medical schools helped bring Canadian medical education to the 20th century.” The corruption is so deep that the only real solution is not minor changes to the existing structure, but a complete reform of the FDA, or disbanding the agency altogether. Until then, do not waste your money or risk your life on a paradigm designed to profit from your ill health. Instead, switch to natural methods that will allow your body to heal itself without the need for the deadly drugs which are being pushed on Americans by the drug companies and rubber-stamped by the FDA.
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