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- - - - - Mon Jun 23 2014 eve

Edible film made from essential oils can protect foods better than plastic

Do sunscreens cause cancer?

zinc, coconut oil, raspberry oil...regular ole Mud from the ground when rubbed on skin is the MOST effective sunscreen and causes NO cancer

The once beautiful skies of Planet Earth are no more. The completely unnatural skies and aerosol clouds are not yet noticed by the masses, though more people are finally beginning to look up as the ongoing geoengineering continues to tear the climate system apart.

Today's spraying over San Francisco - 6-23-14 Time lapse to follow.

Tonight, United Nations May Soon Be Paying Water Bills in Detroit, then, Obama on Iraq: “There’s No Amount of American Fire Power That’s Gonna Be Able to Hold the Country Together”, and later, UK Begins Beta Testing of Cashless Society With The Expectation That, “Physical Currency Will Disappear Inside 20 Years.” Details & more on the 
Infowars Nightly News @ 7pm ct Tune-in

United Nations May Soon Be Paying Water Bills in Detroit -
“Socialism only works if there is someone to pay for it."

Border Totally Wide Open To Drug Cartels As Planned -
Alex gets an update from Infowars reporters down in the Rio Grande Valley.

Began planning back in January to relocate children across country

Jailed Marine held in Mexican jail for 3rd month

'Border is nothing more than speed bump'
Ex-agent: America's heroin explosion evidence of lax security
The U.S. government is actively involved in making the U.S.-Mexico border crisis worse, according to a longtime immigration official who points to the explosion of heroin use in the U.S. as proof Obama administration claims of much tighter border security are largely fiction.
“The real way of determining border security is to look at the price and availability of heroin and cocaine,” explained Michael Cutler, who served many years as an immigration official with what was then known as the Immigration and Naturalization Service, or INS, combating drug trafficking, human smuggling and terrorism.

This Guy Does NOT Like Being Harassed by the Police for Filming, So He Let’s Them Know 
When You Know Your Rights Like This Guy, There is No Need to Back Down

     Cop Cams
What Good Are Body Cameras if a Cop Can Turn it Off to Shove a Flashlight Down a Woman’s Throat? [Video]
“Clearly in the middle of the arrest the camera goes blank and then I have a woman with her teeth knocked out of her mouth and headed to the hospital,” said Daytona Beach Police Chief Mike Chitwood. “And I have this documentation of ‘Oh these things happened,’ well why’d your camera go off?” - Video >>> 

Colorado Sheriffs search every vehicle at a checkpoint leaving a concert after shooting.
Caren Johnson in Walnut Creek and Robert Powell in San Jose sue CPS for custody of kids. radio show Fri Jun 20 2014

Military Vehicles being moved via railroad (CA). 3 days in a row.
For the 3rd time this week, military vehicles are being moved through California on railroads. — at Sacramento, CA county.
Military Vehicles on railroad

- - - - - Mon Jun 23 Afternoon 2014
The censored history of political islam1,400 years of bloodshed and mayhem

How should one feel when those you believe are trying to tell the truth suddenly switch to denying it? Want to know a bit more about Jesse Ventura's disinformation partner, geoengineer Ken Caldeira? Take a look at the attached article and listen to the 90 second audio of Ken Caldeira admitting to his true past. 
Sandy Hook Lead Investigator Dies Suddenly at Age 49

Nothing to see here, move along. 
Sandy Hook Lead Investigator Dies Suddenly at Age 49 
Three Top Officials in Sandy Hook Inquiry Now Out of Picture


Join the #ImpeachTheGovernment hastag storm tonight at 9pm EST to let the whole world know that we're tired of our rights being violated. Event link:

#‎Israel  and #‎US  want endless war between #‎Sunni  and #‎Shia  #‎Muslims  in Middle East. #‎ISIS  #‎Iraq  #‎Iran

Jones analyzes the Al Qaeda- #‎ISIS  orchestrated takeover of middle east. Jones also continues breaking down the by-design implosion of the nation's borders, amid heightened calls to impeach president Obama for a numerable list of offenses. Alex also looks at how a shopping district in the United Kingdom has eliminated cash payments, testing the waters to see if Brits will accept a cashless society, and also looks at how the United Nations may soon be paying delinquent water bills in Detroit. TUNE-IN LIVE 11am-2pm CST

Iraq invaders threaten nuclear attack on …
The well-organized army of terrorists invading Iraq claims it has access to nuclear weapons and isn't afraid to use them.
And now comes the warning that one country is "exclusively" in its crosshairs … Law considered to protect nation from Muslims 
Major U.S. city next target for Islamic terror

Sen. Feinstein: “There Will Be Plots to Kill Americans”
Urges intelligence effort to "disrupt a plot in this country"
Bill and Hillary are but two wings of one foul bird. Many people are unaware that the Clintons left a gruesome trail of blood on their ascent to the White House, the most compelling case being that of Vince Foster (WH Counsel during the Clinton administration).

The Corbett Report 247 - Requiem for the Suicided: Vince Foster
Originally aired on October 15, 2012 Who was Vince Foster? What was his relationship to Hillary Clinton at the Rose Law Firm in Arkansas? What was he working... 
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