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How to RECOGNIZE / test for a STROKE:
I’ve Been Bitten By a Tick! What Do I Do? 
Speen humps funny - how to stop locals speeding down your street - i want one of these!! 
How To Deal With Police at Your Door 
Never Talk to Cops, This is How You Handle Yourself During Police Shakedowns

Guy Finds FBI Tracking Device On Car, Posts Pics Online... FBI Shows Up, Demands It Back! #‎p2

ISIS and Al Nusra Just Got Their Hands on 88 Pounds of Uranium - No Big Deal Says Washington... Wait what?
#‎ISIS  #‎Iraq

British Politicians In ‘Secret Deal’ To Allow Mass Surveillance Of Public -
Prominent MP: "There's been a deal done between the three parties and it'll be railroaded through"

Alex covers reports of gun confiscation in New York and continues live reportage from Murrieta, California, where the Department of Homeland Security has consistently failed to deliver busloads of illegal immigrants and pro-illegal immigration activists have besieged the town's city hall. Infowars Nightly News reporter Jakari Jackson and journalist Kit Daniels cover the latest news on the protests at the Border Patrol station in southern California. Alex also looks at the possible impeachment of Obama. 

oh boy. i smell another false flag comin
Iraq loses control of chemical weapons depot to ISIS militants
The Iraqi government has informed the United Nations that it has lost control of a former chemical weapons depot to Islamist insurgents affiliated with ISIS, or IS,... 

Problem-Reaction-Solution - Emergency laws to monitor phones + internet ‘to stop terrorists’:

Industrialized society is spiraling into desperation and disintegration. The paradigm we have all known was never sustainable and is now hitting the wall. If life on Earth is to have any chance of survival, human perspectives and practices must undergo a complete change of trajectory. Stopping climate engineering would be a giant leap in the right direction.

Feds Guard Illegal Alien Shelter Better Than Border
Kit Daniels | “Today is a different day,” cop says. 

Man Who Shot at Cops During No-Knock Raid Acquitted on All Charges
This is a landmark case in the instance of no-knock raids. All too often we see innocent people beaten and killed during the execution of this questionable practice. Hopefully this leads to a drop in the frequency of no-knock search warrants. More:
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