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Depopulation. Why is Fluoride added to city tap water? 
Professional Perspectives: Fluoride in Tap Water 
Fluoride Deception Part 1 Fluoride Deception Part 2 no ads Fluoride Deception Part 3

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Fluoride, or Hydrofluorosilic acid (H 2 SiF 6 ), is not natural... MAKE LOVE . NOT WAR .

These foods are beneficial for those with asthma:

The underlying cause of arthritis and how to prevent it:

Enjoy Sunshine And Stay Free Of Free Radicals
Avoid skin cancer now! Learn how many sunscreens can often work against you, not for you—and find out what you can do about it. Movie Trailer for The Greater Good  - see it here first.

Police helping Smart Meter installers! Smart meters are a hazard to our health and law enforcement is doing the bidding of the state as usual...

Special Report: Radiation & the Universe
Many nuclear reactors sit on fault lines or on shores at risk for tsunamis.

La Raza Plan to Annex Southwest Exposed
Alex Jones breaks down the dangers of race based gangs and the La Raza plan to annex southwestern U.S. border states. DUI checkpoint video goes viral
WOW, look at this! A driver recorded his stop at a DUI checkpoint in Tennessee this 4th of July. Then he uploaded the video to YouTube and it's gone wildly viral. Many say his rights were violated, while others believe these stops help prevent major accidents and deaths on the road. Does this make your blood boil either way? What do you think? Let us know!
I think the main message here is to always have a camera ready to start filming the second someone starts threatening your freedoms and rights. Learn your rights and keep videos like this circulating.

Please Post LINKS if you have them for SF earthquakes. thanks

this is HUGE, folks... your government is setting up another massive false flag event right before your eyes... wow.. . Drunk girl completely ruins a wedding 
Ron Paul: Foreign Nations Are Dumping The Dollar
Funny Money $ printing is just DE VALUING the US DOLLAR.
Stock market is up NOMINALLY due to FUNNY MONEY injections. But each of those US Dollars buys you LESS today.

The US government/military/industrial juggernaut is completely out of control and wreaking havoc around the globe. Now in so many ways this cabal of power is waging war against its own citizens, we are all in the crosshairs.

The mass surveillance coming out 
of the Sept. 11 attacks has not helped 
prevent attacks on citizens. 
Whistle-blower Edward Snowden reveals 
how little the U.S. government understands 
about how to protect its people. Video: 
Border Invasion Pay attention to the border, this situation is getting more & more out of hand. This an invasion. There is still hope for humanity. Note dolpins often beach themselves to escape Navy SONAR testing that Shatters their EarDrums lungs and other organs.
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