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In 1969, a Boy Snuck into John Lennon's Hotel Room with a Recorder. It Went Like This.

What are you doing to help unlock minds? 

OUR CATS and DOGS develop cancers and tumors at the VACCINATION site on their body.
Cats and Dogs have higher Metabolism than humans.
They are the canary in the coal mine.
We should learn by this example that SV 40 in vaccines causes cancer in HUMANS. RADIO SHOW

Whom do you think should be held responsible for nearly 300,000 farmer suicides in India?

Russia is threatening to shut down all McDonald's restaurants across the country:

We all got a good laugh today with the Michelle Obama GMO hoax, but the story actually became a NEW story with the massive public backlash against the very IDEA of the White House endorsing GMOs:

Check out this visual proof for why you should move your bed away from the wall to reduce EMF exposure:

Emerging science clearly delineates that, like CBD, THC is also good medicine. Here are seven reasons why:

GEOENGINEERING IN OUR MIDST: The Shasta County Board Air Quality Management supervisors listen to the testimony of dozens of experts concerning the truths, half-truths and deceptions surrounding chemtrails. Lots of important information to listen to, but not much in the way of video: 
SHASTA, CA Hearing on Covert Chemtrail Operation 

Could neonicotinoids be killing more than just pollinators? In a study published in Nature, Dutch researchers show a correlation between bird population declines in the Netherlands and higher concentrations of neonicotinoids in surface water. Read more:

     FUNNY Oh, now I understand why I have to turn off my phone on airplanes! 
Sometimes Cops Find Your Stolen Car. 
Sometimes Cops Stole It. Our Leader the Mockingjay Teaser TrailerThe Mockingjay lives! Watch the EXCLUSIVE #OurLeaderTheMockingjay Teaser Trailer now! The Hunger Games: #Mockingjay Part 1, in theaters November 21, 2014. That's a Moron...

Border Patrol Whistleblower: Illegals Circumventing TSA -
"They bypassed TSA and boarded first. Even before me, an armed plain clothes law enforcement agent."

Officer Charles Ricko speaks about what his oath means to him, and why he chose to become an Oath Keeper:

The Rothschilds Own Israel – and Direct its Genocidal Policy:

Ever notice how ISIS never attacks anything Israeli or American ?
ISIS has destroyed one of the most ancient biblical sites in Iraq. Ok, all you Muslim apologists, let's see what you have to say about this one.

Obama quietly expands government's 'watchlist'
Without a peep, Barack Obama has just rewritten the rules on how Americans are designated as terrorists. And strangely, you don't even have to be a terror suspect to be selected.

Hoffman's Potion is a beautiful documentary about the man who re-discovered LSD in the 1940's. Hoffman discusses the molecule's spiritual potential and the rebirth he experienced after first dosing himself, amongst many other mystical tales.
Watch the full documentary now on TIMEWHEEL.

‘Coyote’ Abandons Moving Vehicle Full of Illegals - Human smuggler makes daring, but futile escape attempt. for the lazy dog owner - brilliant - have to share again

#‎MH17  U.S. Government's evidence locker revealed

#‎MH17  war hides in the details.

Flight MH17 - What You're Not Being Told
Sources transcript and bonus clips: Follow us on Facebook: ...

You'll never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: On July 27th, the U.S. government played a very sneaky move, but this move actually damages their case even more. They released grainy satellite images of what they claim is proof of Russia using ARTILLERY against Ukraine. Why do I say that this is sneaky? Because the way it is timed many people will not read carefully and will instantly think that this is imagery of the missiles that they claim shot down flight MH17, and that's simply not the case. Artillery can't hit an airplane. It can't even come close. Now how does this damage their case? Well, it shows that they are specifically avoiding pulling the images related to the missile launchers.
No one is even talking about artillery attacks. This isn't the scandal of the decade like the MH17 debacle may end up being if it turns out Washington's puppets in Kiev brought down a civilian airliner on purpose. So this release is clearly a smoke screen.

Those that openly disagree with the ever increasing criminal behavior of the US government are likely being put on "blacklists". The article below should be a stark wake up call for us all.

"For its cold-blooded professionalism, the Madrid bombings of March 11th 2004 bore all the hallmarks of an Israeli Mossad false flag operation. Yet the most interesting aspects of this particular 'Islamic terror' attack is that it was one of the rare instances when the plan went totally awry in terms of the hoped for outcome."

"Explosives underneath the train floors; powerful enough to rupture the carriage floors and bend them upwards; would also lift the carriages up off the rails and derail them, as did happen.
Those explosives were not home-made, but military-grade high-explosives, that would not be available to Muslim suicide-bombers.
The official story was that they used home-made explosives, which has later been proven to be a lie.
So we know, from reliable eye-witnesses, who can be traced, that there were no backpack home-made bombs or Muslim bombers inside the tube-train carriages that blew up, and that the floors blew upwards, so the bombs, which were made from military high-grade explosives, must have been fastened underneath the floors of the train carriages.
Only people having access to the tube-trains, during the times that the trains were not running, would be able to plant those bombs, under the train floors. 
Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli Finance Minister, said that he was warned by Scotland Yard; not to leave his hotel-room, on the morning of 7/7/2005, before the first explosion was reported; implying that they had foreknowledge of the plan.
Scotland Yard then quickly denied being the ones who provided the warning, but have not told us who did warn Netanyahu, if they did not.
Why was Benjamin Netanyahu warned, but not the British people who pay their wages, and whom they are paid to protect?
Was it because it would have spoiled their evil plan, to murder British people, to change the nation’s mind, about British troops fighting in the Middle-East? 
Two weeks later the head of the Israeli Mossad, General Meir Dagan, said that he had warned Benjamin Netanyahu at 08.40 AM, on 7/7/2005, ten minutes before the first blast occurred.
How did he know what was going to happen in London, if Scotland Yard did not warn him?"

Hamas Didn’t Kidnap and Kill the three Israeli Teens After All:

‘Find a reason to go to war with Germany’, said King George V:

Ukraine fires Illegal phosphorus bombs at People’s Republic just as Israel does in Gaza:

Protesters swarm Boston, 'livid' over illegal immigration
'These are not children. They’re teenagers – many of them are gangbangers'

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