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Good morning, Bay Area Burners!

Hello August! We’re going to have a lot of fun with you this year! To start us off right we have some amazing events here in the Bay!

TONIGHT! Head down to the Embarcadero for the Flaming Lotus Girls opening of CEREBRAL CELEBRATION! They’ve been working at a feverish pace to get this installed before heading to the desert!

TOMORROW! Navigate to NIMBY aboard your own steampunk vessel, because there’s going to be a FIREFIGHT! The Space Cowboys heard about the upstart Airpushers and it’s time to settle this once and for all. Party one last time amongst a dozen massive art pieces and art cars and dance your face off to the carnage that ensues!

SUNDAY: Wake up and go help an art project. Paha’oha’o is in the final stages of building on Treasure Island. The Alien Siege Machine is nearly complete, and will need to be disassembled before being transported to it’s final resting place. The Kraken will be doing some final work on the tentacles, and they would love to have you.

We’ll see you out there, Burners!

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82714: Never Forget

*** Flaming Lotus Girls: CEREBRAL CELEBRATION - Friday, Aug 1st ***

*** STEAMPUNK SHOWDOWN: Airpusher vs Space Cowboys - Saturday, Aug 2nd ***

*** Dusty Rhino: Pre-Burn Extravaganza - Saturday, Aug 2nd ***

*** Bike Happy On The Playa: SFBC Fundraiser - Thursday, Aug 7th ***

*** Above The Trees Festival - Thursday, Aug 7th through Sunday Aug 10th ***

*** A 3 Step Lab To Emerge Now - Saturday, Aug 9th ***

*** George Post - Dancing With The Playa Messiah - Tuesday, Aug 12th ***

*** Burning Man: Souk Grand Opening - Monday, Aug 25th ***

Build This City!

*** Embrace Build Days - Friday, Aug 1st through Friday, Aug 8th ***

*** Alien Siege Machine Build Days - Saturday & Sunday, Aug 2nd & 3rd ***

*** The Kraken Build Days - Saturday & Sunday, Aug 2nd & 3rd ***

*** Paha’oha’o Build Days - Saturday, Sunday, & Tuesday, Aug 2nd, 3rd, & 5th ***

*** Center Camp Cafe: Packing Party - Friday, Aug 1st ***

Call For Participation and Save the Date

*** San Francisco Decompression - Sunday, Oct 12th ***

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The Flaming Lotus Girls Presents


Pier 14, San Francisco

Friday, August 1, 5pm-9pm

With a stunning backdrop of the waterfront and the Bay Lights, SOMA creates an interactive, immersive experience for those who choose to visit. Translating the anatomy of neurons into metal and light, SOMA beautifully demonstrates the conjunction of biotech, technology and art that so defines life in the Bay Area.

5:00-6:30pm Speeches from Invited Guests
6:30-8:00pm Socializing / Brass Tax
8:00-8:45pm LED Lighting Ceremony
8:45-9:00pm End

SOMA at PIER 14 is FREE and open to the public, 24 hours a day! If FREE and OPEN 24 HOURS is not awesome enough, SOMA's programmed LED light patterns are controlled by interactive buttons that are operated by YOU – the visitors! Visit SOMA during the day, and again at night. The LED buttons are active from 10 minutes past sunset until 2AM, daily.

Help the Flaming Lotus Girls keep SOMA OPEN TO THE PUBLIC, 24/7, for 365+ days and be a part of public art! The sculpture will remain on Pier 14 for one year, and FLG needs public support to cover installation costs and maintenance of the piece. 

Your donation can be made, here:

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Airpusher Presents


NIMBY, 8410 Amelia St, Oakland

Saturday, August 2nd, 9pm-3am

There's gonna be a showdown! Time to get your redneck, hillbilly selves out to NIMBY for some booty shakin' and body rockin'! Let's show those square dancin', bull ridin', country folk how California does a Showdown!

This is our VIP "Airship Full Systems Test" where YOU, our most fabulous friends, family and fans can catch a glimpse of the Airship in it's fuuuuuuull glory before we hit the playa! So mosey on down to NIMBY and support Airpusher and Space Cowboys, have a hootin' good time, and let us bring you what you all know you want: MOAR BASS!! Yee-Haw!

But there’s more!  We’re also teaming up with The Phage to unveil their brand new Dr. Brainlove Art Car. In case any of you are wondering, Dr. Brainlove will be a climbable interactive brain mounted on a modified biofuel-powered school bus. Dr. Brainlove will make its debut at Burning Man and will continue her life as a traveling neuroscience exhibit afterwards. Brains are vehicles for our thoughts, emotions, memories, and experiences, making Dr. Brainlove a quintessential vehicle for any mind-blowing adventure!

DJ Lineup: shOOey (Space Cowboys), Deckard (Space Cowboys), Brad Robinson (Space Cowboys), Cptn Jay (Airpusher), Djesika (Airpusher), and more to be announced!


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Dusty Rhino Presents

Pre-Burn Extravaganza

Mighty, 119 Utah St, San Francisco

Saturday, August 2, 10pm-3am

It's that time of year!! Come indulge in some pre-playa fun at our 3rd Annual Pre-Burn Extravaganza! As always, we're bringing together the best DJ talent from your favorite Burning Man crews for this special event including DISTRIKT, OPULENT TEMPLE, PINK MAMMOTH, SPACE COWBOYS and HEART PHOENIX! We'll have the Rhino outside with SILENT DISCO keeping things bouncy.

Pre-Burn Beats from: DJ Zach Moore (Space Cowboys), DJ Icon (Opulent Temple), Matt Kramer (Distrikt), Special Guest from NYC (Distrikt), Jonathan Will (Pink Mammoth), A.M. Rebel (Heart Phoenix), & DJ Eject (Loud Cloud)!

And your Favorite Rhino DJs: Mystr Hatchet, DJMK, DJ Alvaro Bravo, DJ Dane, Nugz, DJ Clarkie & more TBA!

If you want to contribute photography, video, art, performance, etc. just send a facebook message to DJ Dane and we'll do our best to make it happen.

About DUSTY RHINO: Our mission at The Dusty Rhino is to bring people together through art, fire and electronic music, and to be the best mobile party on the planet! We provide enthusiastic participants with a unique interactive experience that alters their notions of what is possible. We hope to inspire more impractical creations that bring people together tightening our community and improving our society.

Discounted pre-sale tickets are available at $20 at the door with playa attire.

All proceeds will support the Dusty Rhino and our grand plans to spread fun and love on playa and beyond.

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San Francisco Bicycle Coalition and MonkeyLectric Present

Bike Happy On The Playa: A San Francisco Bicycle Coalition Fundraiser

Huckleberry Bicycles, 1073 Market St, San Francisco

Thursday, August 7th, 7pm-9pm, FREE

Join your friends at Huckleberry Bicycles to get your bike playa-ready. Light up your bike, be seen and avoid playa-crashes: MonkeyLectric has got your trippy LED needs covered. Boombotix has speakers to make your music-bike dreams come true. Need to grab a lock? How about a pump for your camp? Spare tubes? Maybe a chain or a basket? We’ve got all of that, and we’ll even have some tennis balls for your kickstands. If you’re a virgin burner, we’ll explain all of this to you. We may even show you how to fix a flat and give you a superb pack list.

Playa Bike Repair will amuse us with stories of the most common bicycle failures and [gasp] how to prevent them! In honor of 2014′s theme: Caravansary, bring your playa bike and they’ll transport it to the playa for $50.

DJ Serious Leisure will spin. Yes, there will be free beer. Yes, there will be Bruce Cost Ginger Ale. Yes, there will be Bicycle Bánh Mi. Yes, there will be valet bike parking. And yes, proceeds from this event will go to the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition.
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Dopevan Presents

Above The Trees Festival

Navarro, California

Thursday, August 7th - Sunday, August 10th

Hi! We're putting on a small 4 day festival up north that was inspired by numerous trips to Burning Man and would be a great place for folks to meet new friends and "test drive" their playa projects prior to the grand journey to BRC.

Above the Trees is a 100% participation-based festival. Test, fine tune and perfect your workshop, art installation, interactive sculpture or performance a few weeks before the Burn with some amazing new friends. Above the Trees is held at Camp Navarro, a beautiful camp in the redwoods near Mendocino. 


See you in the redwoods!

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A 3 Step Lab To Emerge Now

The Flight Deck, 1540 Broadway, Oakland

Saturday, August 9th, 4pm-6pm, FREE

Deep down you’re creative… But no one really knows. You’ve chosen to play it safe, small and hidden in your life and can feel that non-expression leads to depression. You feel stagnant and restless in your body, your work and your daily routine. Living diminished was once doable, but now your life is filled with this pressure to change and you have no idea how to breakout of this limitation. And, you’re hungry to be more expressive and spontaneous: Take risk, experience the wild, create everyday and live gratefully but fear other people’s rejection, expectations, and judgement. If you’ve been avoiding stepping into what’s next, listen up! 

In this 2 hour Lab, I will lead you in an introduction to my 3 Steps To Emerge Now process - to support you to catalyze this pressure into a breakthrough; Unleashing your unique and valuable expressiveness in all the ways you love, travel, work, connect, collaborate, and are! What this looks like is a process to take back your courage, your purpose, and your powerful creative voice and give you the actual skills to breakout of these limitations and connect into free endless energy where you can share yourself as the brilliant creator of your life's purpose. 

WHAT YOU’LL GET: Crystal clear focus on what is preventing you from breaking out of the deadening stagnancy as well as a list of what is needed for your imminent creative breakthrough. Effective and tested tools to work with the pressure so you can stop suffering and immediately begin offering your truest gifts to the world, the gifts that are yours to uniquely give. Expert guidance with a clear map of how to actually move you from stuck to breaking through. Instructions to customize your own daily “Amazement Practice,” inspired from recent studies at Stanford that confirm how renewed amazement will bring you immediate and numerous health benefits. A boost of inspiration to get you connected to your confidence & courage so you can live free, unleashed and be received.

If you’re really feeling the value here, the next step is: RSVP NOW and SHOW UP!  

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George Post Presents

Dancing With The Playa Messiah

1 Ferry Building, San Francisco

Tuesday, Aug 12th, 6pm

From the beach in San Francisco to a thriving annual city of 50,000 in the Nevada Desert, Burning Man has become an internationally recognized epicenter for radical self expression, art, and performance. Join photographer George Post in Dancing with the Playa Messiah, his two-decade documentation of this amazing event.

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Burning Man Presents

Souk Grand Opening

Everywhere Pavillion, Black Rock City

Monday, August 25th, 7pm-9pm

This year the Man will be surrounded by a colorful circle of tents known as the Souk. This new public space will be a bustling marketplace where nothing is for sale, devoted to gifting, cultural exchange, interactive performance, and a playful commerce in ideas. Stalls in the Souk will be staffed by 25 unmerchant groups from the Burning Man Regional Network. Learn more about the Souk project, including a listing of the Regional participants, here:

Monday, August 25 at the feet of the Man, 7-9 pm. Every journey on the Silk Road needs a celebration of welcoming and rejoicing with fellow travelers. All are invited to participate in the Grand Opening/Going Out of Business Extravaganza in the Caravansary Souk. As the sun sets on the first of seven magical nights, explore and discover exotic delights and unattainable wares as you connect with your community from around the world. The festivities will be kicked off by a grand parade starting at the Everywhere pavilion and leading into the Souk. Those who wish to join in the parade are asked to assemble at Everywhere by 6:30 pm. The extravaganza in the Souk will commence at 7:00 pm and run through 9:00 pm. Performers of all stripes invited!! Contact

To enliven the festive atmosphere of the Souk plaza, caravan master Larry “Al-Ari” Harvey extends his personal invitation to itinerant jugglers, acrobats, fortune tellers, magicians, seers, fakirs, sadhus, strongmen, sword swallowers, fire eaters, dervishes, human statuary, and dancing sign-shakers to bless us with the gift of performance in the Souk throughout the week. For more information, see:


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Embrace Build Days

Everyday, August 1st - August 8th 11am-10pm

The Generator, 1240 Icehouse Ave, Sparks, Nevada

Passing through Reno? Heading to playa REALLY early? Feel like getting out of the Bay for a few days? We would LOVE to have your help building Embrace for Burning Man 2014!

We love builders of all skill levels, from “Is this a hammer?” to “I can cut compound angles in the dark during a dust storm!”

We are working on the final story for Alpha, creating wooden skin for both Alpha & Omega, and working on the 2 massive supports which will hold us up during our week in the desert!

If you have any questions, please email


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Alien Siege Machine Build Days

Saturday & Sunday, August 2nd & 3rd, 10am-5pm

NIMBY, 8410 Amelia St, Oakland


We’re finishing the paint and interior, and then packing this 45 foot tall monster away in preparation of heading to the desert.

82714, TASM will set you free (or on fire)!


)'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )’(

Burning Man Center Camp Cafe Presents


Craft Night: Thursday, July 17th @ BMHQ, 660 Alabama, SF, 6pm-10pm. We’ll be decorating lanterns, and simple sewing - get yer craft on!

Cafe Carpet & Paint Day: Saturday, July 19th @ BM Warehouse, 1555 Burke, SF, 10am-3pm. Be among the first to run amok on this fresh carpet, and by “run amok”, we mean help us to cut it into moveable pieces & seal the edges. We'll also paint some tables outside that we just built last weekend - so wear things you don't mind getting dusty/painty.

)'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )’(

The Kraken Build Days

Saturday & Sunday, August 2nd & 3rd, 10am-5pm

NIMBY, 8410 Amelia St, Oakland

Come participate in building The Kraken with the East Bay Burners! 

Only a few more weekends left to build the Kraken and still lots of work to do! Come join us at NIMBY as we finish the tentacles and build the head. Your reward? Working with a wonderful team of friendly Krak heads and seeing your finished work on playa. No experience building big burnable art for Burning Man? No worries, we'll show you what to do!


)'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )’(

Paha’oha’o Build Days

Saturday & Sunday, July 26th & 27th, 11:30am-5pm

Tuesday, July 29th, 4pm-10pm

Bliss Dance Studios, 200 California, Building 180, Treasure Island

Aloha! We are building the volcano this weekend and Tuesday, come out to the island and participate! We love Burners of all skill levels, and we’d love to build with YOU!


)'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )'(  )’(

Center Camp Cafe: Packing Party

BM Warehouse, 1555 Burke Ave #P, San Francisco

Friday, August 1st, 3pm-6pm

Help the Cafe to pack the crafty decor, the lights, the sound, the magic! Join us for our annual Friday afternoon BBQ and crate-packing gathering!
RSVP please:

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Planning for 2014’s San Francisco Decompression Heat the Street FaIRE! is beginning now. Yes, right NOW!

Got big art, a mutant vehicle, or an interactive theme camp? How about a performance, crafting workshop, kids event, dance troupe, parade, and/or lecture? We would LOVE for you to Participate!

Can you contribute a live performance sound system, stage, lighting, or other infrastructure? Do you have an opinion about what you'd like to see more of at Decom?

Email NOW: to request a space and share your creative spirit, art, and vision.

The SF Decom is powered by an amazing team of volunteers and tons of communal effort. To join the SF Decom team,

To find out about other Decoms and Regional Events in a city near you, see: This is a year-round community with events being planned here, there and EVERYWHERE, literally every day of the week!

So as you prepare for the Playa, take a moment RIGHT NOW to plan how you will PARTICIPATE at Decompression and at your Regional Event.

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