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Links Saturday:          FOOD
New report: Millennials are leading the vegan movement and inspiring older generations to move away from meat, dairy, and eggs.

Shocking! Find out how your processed dairy may contain hidden MSG:

Is your bluetooth wireless device safe?

Watch out! Many BPA-free bottles contain a chemical that causes arrhythmia, hyperactivity and brain changes:

Ever wonder why it feels so good to walk barefoot in the sand? Some doctors and scientists believe it is due to a Grounding Effect in which electrons from the earth’s surface are transferred to your body. Read more:
What do you think?

     ECO This young hawk was done for, trapped in the crushing grip of a bull snake, until a passing fisherman set him free:#nature

Google Is Acting Like an Arm of the Surveillance State (It is):

Special Report: The Secret Behind the Rise of ISIS - Alex Jones breaks down the secret behind the White House's direct role in the emergence of ISIS.

#‎Pentagon releases trailer of coming attractions. ‪#‎ISIS‬ ‪#‎Iraq‬

New Cold War escalates as #‎Canada  sends military hardware to #‎Ukraine in response to #‎Russia . #‎NATO

Tonight, The United States’ Biggest “Allies” Are Funding ‪#‎ISIS‬, then, Samaritan’s Purse Chief Admits ‪#‎Ebola‬ ‘Out of Control,’ Slams Drudge for Reporting It as CDC Issues Highest Alert Response Over Ebola Outbreak, and, Hundreds Reported Killed After U.S. Bombs ISIS Position in Iraq. Details & more on the Infowars Nightly News @ 7pm ct Tune-in

Remember the early forms of ISIS and how the U.S. helped them get established in Syria by funding them and sending them weapons? This one of Washington's oldest formulas: 
1. Help bloodthirsty madmen rise to power 
2. Demonize them
3. Invade
Problem, Reaction, Solution

Ron Paul "To be an Anarchist is a great idea" 
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NYPD COPS: Chokehold didn’t kill Eric Garner, ‘Anti-Police Rhetoric’ caused his death -
Leaders of two police unions had some strong words. #‎nypd

This Guy Just Used the Jedi Mind Trick on a Cop….And it Worked!
Video >>
Well, we know they aren't the smartest bunch.. lol. This was hilarious.
{Jb of

Preppers: It Always Comes Back to the Basics for Survival

'Some states where fracking is on the rise are in turn experiencing more and more earthquakes—which is why earthquake scientists believe the big one could strike Oklahoma any moment. "People are starting to compare Oklahoma to California in terms of the rate of magnitude-threes and larger," said Robert Williams, a geophysicist for the U.S. Geological Survey.'

"Mike Baysek is part of the anti-geoengineering team here in Phoenix. He has been helping with many direct actions down here in the valley. He traveled with me and Sweetie Cochran up to the precedent setting Kingman event. Here's Mike's video of a three part montage from that event. Thanks Mike for being supportive and solid. Great vids!"

Someone asked me for good news today... ok here it is:
Only 13% of Americans trust their government now. This is a new record low. We must be doing something right. License plate flipper Now this is bad ass! Take my money!! Time-lapse footage captured this devastating landslide that destroyed one home and forced the evacuation of 27 others near Salt Lake City, Utah on Tuesday.

Obama goes on ANOTHER vacation amid global crises:

Utterly fascinating and illuminating (if you'll excuse the pun) -

This video triggered me.
Women have to put up with cat calls stares and come ons 100s or 1000s of times each day.
This is not a free country if women cannot keep to themselves or maintain private conversation with a friend.

That guy is Verbally ASSAULTING those 2 women. They don't have to say thank you. They might have been having a conversation. in fact they were. They might have thought he was just going in anyway and ... no matter what he does...
he does not need to scare the crap out of them and he might get SHOT some day he is such an ass. He deserves it. He is RUDE and MEAN.
maybe last time a guy held a door open for them the guy picked up on them creepily or raped them. we do not know. They are not OBLIGATED to thank him.  He is an ASS rupturing their eardrums or at least causing ringing ears or trauma.

women have a right to keep to themselves and / or to be left alone. who are we to judge? we are not in their shoes.

Fluoride is banned in MANY Countries because of it's negative health effects. So why does the American Government force-feed it to their citizens?

Harvard Study Confirms Fluoride Reduces Children’s IQ:

Fluoride used in Nazi Concentration Camps to “Dumb Down” the People: 

Where have the Rothschilds disappeared to?
David Icke reveals some facts about Rothschild Zionism in America and around the world. The Bilzerian Report (News Commentary):

If you're not one of the eight million you should be ashamed of yourself
‪SHOCK REPORT -- Government “Threat List” Names 8 Million Americans Who Will Be Detained When...‬ 
( -- This report discloses that the government has been compiling a list of names since the 1980′s called “Main Core“. This list contains the names of people who it considers to be ‘threats’ and would be the victims of having their constitutional rights ‘suspended’ in the event of an e…

The climate engineers, they deny in public, then they decide our collective futures in private. This is the world of the geoengineers. They have never asked our permission in regard to completely modifying and derailing Earth's life support systems, they and the military industrial complex simply do whatever they wish. Its time for the population to wake up and end the insanity.

Seven “Deadly Lies” about Gaza
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