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Five natural antibiotics that fight illness and promote health:

Everyone must learn to conserve water. In what ways do you think we can solve the imminent water shortage?

California's worst drought in 400 years has forced residents to conserve their water use, but Nestle is extracting and bottling millions of gallons from a Native American reservation to export it out of state.

What to Do When You’re Told You Can’t Get
a Vaccine Exemption ~ Read this article here:

WHO says drug companies can experiment on patients - so what's new?:

URGENT: In less than 24 hours, our state legislators will decide whether or not to protect San Francisco Bay, our waterways, and our communities from crude oil-by-rail oil spills and train car explosions. Tell your Assembly member it’s time to change our laws to protect our communities, rather than benefiting the oil companies:

Facebook Increasingly Censors Infowars, Alternative Media -
Multiple users of the social media site unable to share videos by Infowars and others.

Tonight, Gun Stores See Sales Spike in Wake of Ferguson Riots as Former Marine Warns of “Terrifying” Militarized Occupation of American Cities, then, Establishment Media Moves to Debunk ISIS CIA Asset Story, and later, Snowden: There’s A “Holy Sh_t” Smoking Gun Revelation Coming. Details & more on the Infowars Nightly News @ 7pm ct Tune-in

Snowden: NSA Took Down Syria’s Internet, Targeted China -
#‎NSA  recently provided Israel with intel to target Palestinians.

Federal Snitch Rev. Sharpton Confronted in Ferguson, Missouri -
Sharpton in town to exploit tragic killing of 18-year old.

Claim: Domino’s Threatens to Fire Delivery Driver Over Infowars Bumper Stickers on Personal Vehicle -
Corporate pizza chain accused of attacking freedom of expression.

Alex reports on the police state in Ferguson, Missouri, as cops set up curfews, close down roads, set up no-fly zones and point sniper rifles at unarmed protestors. The police are even rolling up to the city in Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicles. There's absolutely no doubt that such show of force could happen everywhere in America during an economic collapse or other such crisis. TUNE-IN LIVE 11am-2pm CST 
8/14/2014 -- MAJOR UNREST in St. Louis -- Police fire Flashbang Grenades , Tear Gas, Rubber Bullets

32 Survival Skills Your Child Should Know Now
New Mix!!!
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