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The Waze app lets its users post real time alerts about traffic jams, accidents, and other road hazards, such as police speed traps and DUI or other checkpoints. In addition, active Cop Block groups can use it to locate and film police activities during Copwatch patrols. - via Nevada Cop Block ( and Cop Block Press Passes

What are the four foods that everyone should stop eating immediately to avoid many negative health conditions? 
Excessive Force? Dozens of Cops Dispatched to Shutdown ‘Illegal’ Lemonade Stand 

Check out this list of the ten cities in the U.S. most likely to run out of water:

Over 1,500 parents and grandparents have taken the Parent's Pledge Against Fluoridation. Parent's are the first line of defense in protecting future generations, so now is the time to send a clear message to elected officials that since we are responsible for the health of our children we will no longer allow them to contaminate the public water supply with fluoride:
Magician Tries To Sell Weed To Cops!!

GoodBye Western Journalism. I used to forward your posts but I Quit! your site is so HEAVY SLOW and CLUNKY it crashes my browser.
Please clean up your URL. Maybe less cookies, less bells and whistles thanks.
KISS = keep it simple silly

#‎ReplaceItWithFreedom  #‎FreeThePeople  #‎CutGovernmentExpandLiberty

Ding Ding Ding! It's time to play everyone's favorite game show: "How Could This Happen in America?"
Please share this as widely as possible - people need to understand civil asset forfeiture is the real reason law enforcement comes out against drug policy reform. (And that there are a lot of good cops out there who think it's just as messed up as you do.) The Forfeiture Machine Turns Cops into Robbers

Tonight, Infowars Twitter Account Suspended Twice Within 12 Hours of Creation as Facebook Increasingly Censors Alternative Media, then, Breaking Updates From Ferguson, Mo, as #Infowars Reporters Jakari Jackson and Joe Biggs Stream Live[] With Boots on the Ground as Protesters Begin to Arrive. Details & more on the Infowars Nightly News @ 7pm ct Tune-in

VIDEO: Ferguson Police Tell Reporters To Turn Off Cameras Before Attacking Crowd -
“Please turn off your video,” a female voice recording tells journalists.

Shock Video: Ferguson Police deliberately tear gas journalists, seize cameras, aim snipers -

VIDEO: The Truth About the Ferguson Riots & Martial Law -

Ferguson Police AWOL For Looting, Out in Force to Crush First Amendment, Arrest Journalists
Paul Joseph Watson | Authorities deliberately target reporters in attempt to censor police brutality.

Ferguson Cops Get Military Equipment from Feds -
Even small cities receive wide range of DoD arms under 1033 program.

Eyewitness: Ferguson Cops ‘Allowed Everybody To Loot’ -
“They surrounded the entire community at each end and let everybody loot...”

Sheriff’s Department: Ferguson SWAT Teams Aided Journalists -
Police to media: Don't run, we are your friends.

Gathering tyranny of schools: Dad fined for taking daughter on holiday quits job for family:

Cliff Richard home searched by police over historical sex offense:

How the Vatican created Islam

After the latest attack on the blog, Alex McGowin Studer restored it mostly to now a version 3.0: 
still addressable from the universal  

End Of US Dollar Dominance: What It means For You
The most important video you will watch this year. Thanks for sharing.

What if the main reason more and more states' schools are being forced to to "common core" is so Microsoft can sell more products and services?

     911 INISIDE JOB
If we don't get a grip on what really happened on 9/11 and purge our government of the Zionists and Israeli corporations that brought it about we will never end this war, we will end up in WWIII - we are heading there now. This is one of the best films Ive seen on 9/11. It is a must watch for all patriots and people who are on the fence. Move it forward. - Arrow Durfee

hmmmm... vedy fishy

The Ebola Crisis Just Went From Bad to Worse

The Ferguson riots have now brought to light the TRUTH about police militarization we've been warning about for years. Now city police departments have armored vehicles from the Pentagon, automatic weapons, and war gear designed to maximize casualties of "the enemy." See pictures and shocking video of police firing tear gas at journalists:

Thanks but no Tanks - our 2013 pushback against police militarization in Columbia, Missouri #Ferguson >>

Infowars reporters are now streaming live!
Tune-in now! 
The Mike Brown Shooting What You're Not Being Told
HACKERS have released 2 hours of DISPATCH from FERGUSON.
The DIRTY COP did not even call in the shooting after he shot the unarmed Michael Brown 8 times.

Anita Kawaja breaks this important story: the St Louis police chief went to Israel for 'counter-terrorism training.' As I have been warning since 2009, "counter-terrorism" is a lucrative way to aim aim a crackdown

Feds Seize Control Over All Police Operations in Ferguson
Read more:
This is better right? lol.. What is gonna happen next?
(Jb of These mufuckas straight tripping aiming at us and shit did jus happen

The Ferguson riots have now brought to light the TRUTH about police militarization we've been warning about for years. Now city police departments have armored vehicles from the Pentagon, automatic weapons, and war gear designed to maximize casualties of "the enemy." See pictures and shocking video of police firing tear gas at journalists:

This is What Good Cops Do. MSHP Captain Marches with Protesters in Ferguson. Riots Come to a Halt
A cop...the Captain has transitioned to the side of the protesters.
Learn more >>
(Jb of

Here's picture of what's going on in Ferguson Missouri that the mainstream media isn't showing you.

U.S. riot town on international 'avoid' list for past year
Until anti-police race riots broke out in Ferguson, Missouri, most Americans had never heard of the city just north of St. Louis.
But for over a year, citizens of this foreign country who were contemplating a trip abroad were being given a special message about the area by their government ...

The state wants riots nationwide in order to justify the martial law crackdown they've been preparing for years.

Gun sales spike around Ferguson after 3 days of black riots

     NYC Union SQUARE to Times SQUARE 
livestream from nyc. FERGUSON march
Leaving 42nd St heading west
Sit-In @ 42nd St @ 9th Ave
NYPD KETTLE the entire crowd, have them trapped, will not let them leave
Mounted Police (on Horses) in back.
Double wall of Orange Kettle Fence.
Hundreds of police bringing in cardboard boxes full of zip ties. 
"I think they're going to arrest everybody!"
@ 36 Minutes NYPD arrest Jason Woody of Occupy
@ 38 Minutes Greg Alexander arrested standing there doing nothing. Arrested because he was black.
Paddy wagon full of people got arrested.

    NYPD WEST NILE NYPD COPS announce PESTICIDE for WEST NILE VIRUS f*ck the police!
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