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Legal Scholar: "The cessation of all compulsory water fluoridation schemes should be the goal of all public health agencies, ethical lawmakers and informed citizens...”

The extreme exploitation of underground aquifers means time is running out for much of California:

You can look at Nestle, Pepsi, Coca Cola and Crystal Geyser- to name a few, for the extreme nature of this. They've been bottling public resources at an alarming rate, for FREE for decades!!!!

The healthier you eat, the less body odor you have. But for the times when needed, here is a homemade deodorant:

If you did the Ice Water Challenge for ALS you should have no problem interacting with this post or sharing this... right? Hitting the share button on this can raise a ton of awareness for ALS research, you won't waste any water, and it only takes a second! 

Did a prominent journal, supposedly committed to science, pull a study that would threaten the vaccine world?

Your sense of smell is your most primal sense and exerts surprising influence over your health. Aromatherapy allows you to harness the olfactory power of plants, using their essential oils, which have been scientifically shown to be particularly helpful in treating stress, mood, sleep, pain, nausea, memory, and energy. 

FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE! Everything we thought we knew is wrong. This fantastic lecture by Michael Tellinger is a must-see:

Mysterious "interceptor" cell towers now discovered across U.S. cities. They intercept your phone calls and texts, and they aren't owned by the government or cell phone companies...

Man Stands Up For Constitution As Police Demand to Enter Home Without Warrant -
This is the way to handle the police state.

School Cops Brutalize Teen Girl Over Cell Phone -
10th grader refused to relinquish her private property.

Obama: The head of the ISIS snake
Exclusive: Erik Rush calls BHO 'a well-placed saboteur representing malignant interests'

The very trustworthy MSM has just informed us that 11 commercial jet airliners vanished two weeks ago from an airport in Tripoli, Libya. Evidently, U.S. intelligence has just gotten around to informing citizens of the event. A couple of observations should be made before we get to the discussion of timing. It is a fact that nanosatellite technology with “night vision” capability has been available, and even publicly discussed, since as early as 1997. Furthermore, the National Reconnaissance Office, which spawns these devices, recently assigned a mission patch proclaiming that “Nothing is Beyond Our Reach” to a 2013 payload containing “Government Experimental Multi-Satellite” objects.

ISIS terrorist worked at airport in Minneapolis
Somali-American held security clearance to clean jets for Delta

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