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Event Net Neutrality [RAP NEWS 25] to learn more

Can't make it any clearer than this, thanks for sharing with your friends and family.
What the Government DOES NOT Want You To Know About Gold And The Dollar
Gold always accounts for an expanding fiat currency supply, either through a bull market that can last years as gold reasserts its value, or through a snap overnight...
The Canadian government has had to warn its citizens not to carry cash to the USA because the USA does not presume innocence but guilt when it comes to money...

Flashlight and Angry Birds Sell your DATA
Worried about the NSA? what are FaceBook and Google doing with your DATA?
HOPE X: You've Lost Privacy, Now They're Taking Anonymity

Good to know! Here is a list of important steps to take during a difficult psychedelic experience:

Vegan Pumpkin Muffins with Cashew Cream Cheese Frosting... anyone want to make these for us?? Recipe here:

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I cannot stop laughing no matter how many times I've seen it. Yes... it is THAT good.

Exclusive "Weird Al" Yankovic Music Video: FOIL (Parody of "Royals" by Lorde) 

Mysterious Virus Spreading Across US and Canada And Primarily Affecting Vaccinated Children:

Why Is China Having Measles Outbreaks When 99% Are Vaccinated?
China has one of the most vaccination compliant populations in the world. In fact, measles vaccine is mandatory. So why have they had over 700... 
As we have explored in a previous article, “Measles: A Rash of Misinformation,” the measles vaccine is not nearly as safe and effective as is widely believed. Measles outbreaks have consistently occurred in highly immunization complaint populations.

Though the array of consequences related to climate engineering is almost endless, some of the more major aspects can be broken down into a "short list" that is of use in waking people up to the overall picture. Attached are 10 "bullet points" which may be helpful for waking others up to the dangers posed by the climate engineering insanity.

Many ask what will happen when geoengineering is stopped? The power structure and their media lap dogs are sending the message that we can never stop the spraying, this is a lie. There will in fact be a ferocious climate backlash when the climate engineering is stopped, but that rebound must be allowed to occur (and very soon) or the climate system will be damaged beyond any recovery. The ongoing geoengineering programs are nothing less than weather warfare already, the planet MUST be allowed to respond to the damage done on its own.

Those that truly wish to understand just how dangerous aluminum exposure is should view the film below. Educating ourselves takes some time and commitment, but it is necessary if we are to have any chance at educating others. The attached documentary is a very important informational compilation.

If Ebola arrives in the USA, how will you deal with the social chaos and panic for supplies? Episode Eight of "Pandemic Preparedness" is available now, a FREE audio course and MP3 download. Listen here and get yourself prepared to STAY SAFE!

Report: Governments Building Ebola Detention Camps to Quarantine the Infected: “Community Care Centers”

Zombie Apocalypse? Ebola Patients Reportedly Rise from the Dead -
Two Ebola patients come back to life right before their funerals.

School Secretly Monitors Students’ Facebook Pages After Receiving Call from NSA -
“People are very good about 'If you see something, say something.'”

EFFer Nadia Kayyali writes for the San Francisco Bay Guardian: Facebook's "real name" policy is both unfair and can't keep users safe.

any natural, hollow tubes will work: plant stems, reeds, bamboo, etc.

Khorasan: Toothpaste Bombers from Nowhere
Children die as U.S. targets mysterious al-Qaeda splinter group more awesome than ISIS.
Toothpaste terrorists out front in forever war's latest chapter in ‪#‎Syria‬. ‪#‎ISIS‬ ‪#‎Khorasan‬

Rep. Jones on Syria Attack: “Why Do We Have a Constitution?”
Paul Joseph Watson | Congressman slams White House for snubbing lawmakers.

New Team America Video Released!
Alright, another war with an enemy that we created and armed.
HTTP://WWW.INFOWARS.COM/VIDEO-NEW-TEAM-AMERICA-VIDEO-RELEASED/Time to get some beer, put on your American flag shirts and turn on main stream media to get a play by play of how we are spending our tax dollars and keeping the military industrial complex flushed with bonuses.

On this Wednesday, September 24 edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex covers Obama's ISIS war as the imperial president heads off to lecture the world from the podium at the United Nations. Alex examines Obama's wanton violation of the Constitution as he wages another war without congressional consultation or consent. He also looks into the latest globalist scarecrow, Khorasan, the formerly secret terror group allegedly more fearsome than ISIS and its propaganda value beheaders. Alex also covers reports the government is building Ebola concentration camps as rumors build that the disease will soon be coming to America. 

Tonight, FBI Publishes Crime Report Showing "0" Deaths Occurred in Newtown in 2012, then, Zombie Apocalypse? Ebola Patients Reportedly Rise from the Dead, and later, PR Firm Pulls ‘Emma Watson Naked Pics’ False Flag to Push For Internet Censorship. Details & more on the 
Infowars Nightly News @ 7pm ct Tune-in

     Sandy Hook Hoax
FBI Says No One Killed at Sandy Hook -
FBI publishes crime report showing “0″ deaths occurred in Newtown in 2012.

In case you missed it !!
Recorded LIVE this morning. An EPIC discussion with Wolfgang Halbig and James Fetzer on Joyce Riley's, The Power Hour.
Hour 1
Hour 2

The FBI's crime statistics website shows the number of violent crimes for every state. Number of murders in Newtown in 2012 ? 

Former Marine Corps Commandant: Obama’s Strategy against ISIS doesn’t Stand “A Snowball’s Chance in hell of Succeeding”

The Collapse of America - A Plan Decades in the Making

Still wanna eat crap like this? WARNING!!! Watch this!!! #Cheetos. #BadSnack. #NoGood. #GoOrganic. #Naturalistheway

Baby deer enters house through cat door. Can this happen at my house? Pet bird feeds dog. Parking ticket?
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