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What herbs can raise immunity and soothe any discomfort caused by one of the highly contagious influenza viruses?

When will the American population abandon their apathy in exchange for action? When is enough, enough? What kind of population would accept being told what they can film in a public wilderness area? Will they next tell us itís illegal to film the skies? From the utter insanity of global climate engineering to ridiculous laws like the one proposed below, the criminal cabal of power that runs the country is pulling the noose around our collective necks. The public must begin to document and hold responsible all elected officials and employees of agencies that carry out the tyranny. The responsibility of taking a stand belongs to all of us.

Why is the federal government ordering 160,000 hazmat suits in response to the Ebola outbreak in West Africa?

Health Ranger calls for the global community to work together for a full exploration into Ebola treatments, spanning ALL systems of medicine! If we are going to beat this pandemic, we must embrace and explore all human knowledge across all cultures and systems of medicine!

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