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Event Make Your Own Colloidal Silver 
"Crisis actress" BUSTED: Adriana Victoria Muñoz fully EXPOSED!!!!!

I have TOO MANY FRIENDS who take HARD RX drugs for sleep. JUST SAY NO!
I chew on a Trader Joes Chewable 500 mcg Melatonin (YUM!) an hour before bed, then another 30 minutes before bed. If I really need to sleep, I'll try another. I find that staggering works much better than taking 2 at a time. Melatonin is natural, produced by your own body upon darkness. Melatonin is simply a message for your body that it is nighttime. Great for JetLag too! I am so happy I found it! No adverse reactions. I love EAR PLUGS TOO!

Occupancy Monitoring Using Smart Meters

Smart Meters Can Be Hacked to Order a Power Blackout

Analog Meters Withstand “Hot Sockets” Better Than Smart Meters

What can you do to protect yourself and your family the dangers of electromagnetic radiation?


Read this great essay on transcending tribal mentality by Caroline Myss. It has great ideas on how to break free of old ways of thinking. Enjoy! 
Why America isn't the greatest country in the world anymore.

     AGENDA 21
MUST SEE!!! Agenda 21 Explained for Dummies
Agenda 21 explained very well. Including implications it will have on humanity. Opinions within the video come in some cases from those that were in on the n... FEMA CAMPS AND EBOLA

The UN just passed a global Patriot Act.
Yes they did - and no one noticed. 
Licence to surveil, harass, and detain.   Video:

When the Secret Service asked two Nashville cops to fake a warrant so they could gain illegal access to a man’s home, the cops said no way and left the scene. Now any Nashville police cooperation with the Secret Service has to be cleared by the chief.

 Tonight, calls for a general strike across the United States in response to the federal government’s botched response to the Ebola outbreak and the Obama administration’s refusal to block flights coming in from West Africa as Obama appoints Ebola Czar with no medical background. Details & more on the 
Infowars Nightly News @ 7pm ct Tune-in

CDC Director: Leave the Border Open, We Can Track Potential Ebola Patients
Kit Daniels | Dr. Frieden also claimed Ebola is "not a significant threat" to U.S.

Government, Officialdom Responsible for Spread of #‎Ebola  -
It's not called Obola for nothing.

Breaking: Austin Resident Under Quarantine After Potential #‎Ebola Exposure | Resident was on flight with second nurse infected with Ebola.

Illegals Wearing Surgical Masks in Border Patrol Custody Spark #‎Ebola Concerns -
Residents of South Texas were on edge after a photo surfaced showing several illegal immigrants wearing face masks while in Border Patrol custody.

Liberals Sign Petition to Bring Ebola Patients into US & House Them
Paul Joseph Watson | Students show enthusiastic support for ‘The Ebola Equality Act Of 2014′.

#‎Obama  appoints #‎Democrat  political insider as #‎Ebola  czar.

On this Friday, October 17 edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex continues to break down the eroding Ebola situation as the federal government's response to every new potential case becomes increasingly absurd. Alex will examine how yet another potential victim, a Texas nurse now stuck on a cruise ship in Belizean waters, was able to leave the country without being quarantined, as well as the decision of multiple students at the University of Texas, paralyzed by political correctness, to sign a petition allowing the government to ship in countless Ebola patients. On today's transmission, Alex will likewise discuss how several African countries stopped the virus in its tracks by closing their borders, a decision unlikely to occur domestically as President Obama furthers his dangerous open-border agenda. 

Is America going into lockdown over the Ebola scare?

Has the CDC has reached a state of delusional denial about the threat of an Ebola outbreak?

Video: Students Sign Petition to Bring Ebola Into U.S.
Joe Biggs | Students also agree to host Ebola patients entering the U.S.

Ebola Scare in Houston After Woman Who Returned From Nigeria Found Dead
Paul Joseph Watson | Hazmat team removes body from apartment.

tens of thousands of illegals spread around the USA this winter for the first time in living memory, contagion will be VERY interesting this year combined with Obama's EO to hold anyone who shows up at the ER with a lung cough.

Obama Plans Unconstitutional Executive Order to Send National Guard to Liberia:

White House on Ebola Czar: We Weren’t Looking For An Ebola Expert
Press Secretary says White House wasn't looking for an expert to appoint as "Ebola Czar"

Are US biowarfare labs behind the Ebola epidemic?

Ebola Scare in Houston After Woman Who Returned From Nigeria Found Dead 
"Wake Me Up When Ebola Ends" Green Day parody (Lyrics Video) - by Murgatroyd

Alex Jones reviews the latest film 'Kill The Messenger' and explains his real life interactions with Gary Webb whom the film is based on. How the producers and director told the truth about how the CIA and our government suppressed the real story of their misdeeds and corruption in the sixties, seventies and still Today.

A Platform For Monetary Reform

The history behind the federal reserve bank, and the family that started it all...
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Russian PM Medvedev questions Obama’s mental state: 
Hong Kong Police Pull Bait and Switch

The True World Masters of Slavery.... Do You Still Believe It Was The White Man?
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