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Pink is the new green Breast cancer fundraising is a scam 
Modern day gunslingers in Afghanistan" 
Business has never been so good" Extremely rare and important footage - it only aired once on television. The reason is obvious: it undermines the official narrative by clearly showing a massive explosion blowing apart the top of the World Trade Center.

awesome!! people just don't realize what they are buying. its up to us who know, to inform them. they will then, either, continue to support a corrupt system that tortures people and destroys our world, or refuse to buy this shit any more. GO BANKSY!!!!!! thank you!!!
Bansky Simpsons

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- - - - - Fri Oct 24 2014

10 Ways to Reduce Fluoride Exposure:

We don't mean to ruin your Friday night, but did you know that wine and grape juice can expose you to high levels of fluoride? Learn more:

Aberdeen, Washington council members are considering ending fluoridation:

The Fluoride Action Network (FAN) is the leading educational organization on issues of fluoride toxicity, and remains vigilant in monitoring government actions that threaten to impact the public's exposure to fluoride. FAN has proven capable of taking on the big battles -- and winning. Support from those who believe in this mission is crucial to our ability to continue this work.
To help support FAN, please consider giving a tax-deductible donation today via our secure online payment system. (FAN is an official project of the American Environmental Health Studies Project (AEHSP) - a registered non-profit (501c3) organization.)

     Gary Webb
Hollywood’s Gary Webb Movie and the Message that Big Media Couldn’t Kill

Massive Market Divergence In 3 Charts

ohhhhh my gaawwwwwd!!! hahahahahah... Yesssssss!!!!! we haaave a weeeeenarrrrrrr... seems as if Ol' Canananada isn't immune to False Flag BOOSHIET either... what a joke.. wake up, world.
Ottawa shooting Canadian Crisis Actors With Guns 
Weird "Emergency Alert" Interrupts TV Viewers Across America

U.S.-led Airstrikes Have Killed about 500 Terrorists…So, it costs $2.2 million to Kill each Terrorist ($1.1 billion/500=2.2 million)

Stocks Fall On Ebola Fears in New York City
Investor believes gold and silver may experience a rebound.

Doctor: Feds “Disappearing” Suspected Ebola Patients Across U.S.
U.S. gov't covering up more Ebola cases inside U.S., according to medical doctor

Will Media Ignore Doctors Reporting Disappearance of Ebola Patients? -
Bombshell revelations swept under the rug.

Obama: Ebola is a “Trial Run” For a Deadlier Airborne Disease
Paul Joseph Watson | President’s comments raise eyebrows.

Video: NYC Cops Dump Protective Gear in Public Trash After Leaving Ebola Danger Zone
Paul Joseph Watson | Officers had just visited area near Ebola victim’s apartment.

Feds Exhaust Hazmat Supplies Amid Ebola Scare
Mikael Thalen | Major companies forced to allocate protective gear to government agencies

DoD Admission: Only One Plane Available To Transport Infected Soldiers Out of Africa, One at a Time, Four Per Week
“The idea that you're coming before us and giving this type of testimony raises great concerns”

On the Friday, October 24 edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex breaks down the unfolding Ebola fiasco, following news that a physician diagnosed with the disease visited various places in New York City after traveling through West Africa to help patients. Jones continues highlighting health authorities' various missteps, including the fact that NYPD officers dumped protective gear in the trash after visiting near the Ebola victim's apartment, and expounds on a Missouri physician's testimony that patients exhibiting Ebola-like symptoms are being “disappeared” at hospitals. 

With the Ebola threat, are Americans more afraid of flying than ever?

Report: School Shooting in State of Washington
Local media reports shooting in Marysville, Washington
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