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45 Uses For Lemons That Will Blow Your Socks Off
Most people are familiar with the traditional uses for lemons to soothe sore...

PG&E is owned by ROTHSCHILD

Top 4 ways you can get a parasite infection

Best use of an army yet! Italian army to grow medical marijuana

“Vaccine for a disease that doesn’t exist?” By Jon Rappoport

HAARP or Radio Frequency interference and earthquakes.... a relation?
Last 30 days of earthquakes shows HEAVY activity at the same depth worldwide

Ernie and Bert rap about chemtrails - YouTube

Greenspan Comes Out as a Gold Bug: Ted Anderson of Midas Resources analyzes former ‪#‎FederalReserve‬ Chairman Alan Greenspan’s candid remarks to the CFR about the supremacy of gold to any fiat currency.
The elite hoard gold while pushing fiat dollar on the public.

     FBI / Fed Bureau of Intimidation
The Government Does Not Want You To See This Letter

Released a video about a historical event that everyone should know about because if we don't history will repeat itself.

Did Ukraine "gov" shoot down MH17? Kinda looks that way. #‎mh17  #‎russia  #‎ukraine

The Muslim Brotherhood in American Schools | Brigitte Gabriel
"I am waging a Bloodless Revolution in America's Public Schools..." - Shabbir Mansuri (Founder and Director of the Council on Islamic Education) Brigitte Gab...

The Truth About Michael Brown and the Ferguson Riots

Ferguson~?? ~ peep this trash:
USA: Ferguson shuts up shop for Darren Wilson verdict
Video ID:20141114-050 W/S W. Florissant Ave stores protected with wood boarding M/S 'Solo Insurance' store protected with wood boarding C/U 'Open' sign M/S '...

So... the two "riot points" people are talking about occurring in St. Louis..
Ferguson... my home town where I grew up
Tower Grove ... where I live now.
What are the chances?
Whatever. I'll be waiting with my megaphone in one hand, camera in the other, and gun in the OTHER. Thank god for my google cyber arm implant... I got it so i could work at Starbucks... three hands better than two when trying to make cappuccino.. who would have thought it would come in handy for riot control????

Russian rebels escape Ukraine army attack in a YUGO...
4 wheeling a busted out old school Yugo car with 4 rebels in it across an area being shelled.

G20 Brisbane: Police State Lockdown Begins - Asia-Pacific Perspective
Welcome back to The Asia-Pacific Perspective, that monthly show where James Corbett of corbettreport...

Tonight, Gruber admits Obama was in the room when tax-lie was created, then, Charles Krauthammer said on Fox News tonight that amnesty via executive order is an "impeachable offense", and later, 3 things the White House doesn't want you to know about #‎Obamacare . Details & more on the 
Infowars Nightly News @ 7pm ct Tune-in

FEMA’s “Pandemic Influenza Wave 1 Full Scale Exercise” scheduled for November 13th
Stirling Watts | Is an Ebola false flag event be about to unfold?

I love helping to shine light into the darkness for all who are interested. I love helping people bring the unconscious into consciousness, so that we all have more choice in how we are co-creating our lives. And I respect those who are choosing to remain less conscious for whatever reason, though I will do my best to stop any behavior, unconscious or otherwise, which disempowers or violates myself or others. I choose to be a continual invitation for all to shine their magnificence as fully as they are ready.

Let's do that when it rains?

New Image Claims to Show Ukrainian Fighter Jet Shooting Down MH17 - 
11/13/2014 BLM Management Meeting Protest

Please ignore this POST
Chemtrails and HAARP are just CONSPIRACY THEORIES I am told

Bill Gates Seeks Patent on Hurricane Prevention - | Patents & Patent Law. "WHY in the World are They Spraying?" #‎chemtrails #‎geoengiineering

What Does the Police’s Massacre of 10 People in Brazil Tell us About America’s Police State?


Just imagine if you were out with a girlfriend, only for cops to separate you from her. And then they make her do this once they've removed you from the picture. 
Video here:

many job openings in the car loading business.

Always a job opening for a mop and broom guy between performances

New Evidence Proves Israel Attacked USS Liberty With Orders To Kill 294 Americans
Fresh evidence presented in an exclusive Al Jazeera investigation into the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty that killed 34 Americans proves the incident was not a...

Harold Saive on Clifford Carnicom's cross domain bacteria work, 2012.
Chemtrails Investigator Cliff Carnicom Announces Method to "Cure" Morgellons Superbug
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