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Check out this huge list of hundreds of California-based medical/scientific professionals that have signed the Professionals Statement calling for an end to water fluoridation!

How to Cut String or Rope in an Emergency Without the Use of a Sharp Object

Why I Hate Summer Camp - S1E2 - Cyanide & Happiness Show 

      SUN SPOTS | Solar Cycle 24 | Space Weather and Amateur Radio Website
[More Magnetometers] STEREO Website SolarHam Farside Watch Open Gallery SolarHam is routinely updated with breaking news, sometimes hours before other... LUNAR TRANSIT OF THE SUN: On Saturday, Nov. 22nd, the Moon will pass in front of the sun, producing a partial solar eclipse visible only from Earth orbit. NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory will record the event, simulated here. Stay tuned for a crescent sun.

Silver car come around flipped a Uturn    cut off the other car and sped off.
Either or both drivers could have been scared by crowd and been all… "Damn I got to git out of Dodge!"

Protestors caused a car accident at 8:15 pm PST 10:15pm CT scene now ON LIVE STREAM
Another traffic stopping demonstration in #‎Ferguson  turned ugly when police and demonstrators both demanded their way.
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Ferguson schools are going to be CLOSED MONDAY and TUESDAY 
Free radio Show Sunday-Friday afternoons around 2/3pm PST

Live: Car smashes into a light pole in front of Ferguson protesters

could be the driver was scared for their life. recall this incident:
UNBELIEVABLE VIDEO: Watch Lawless "VICTIMS" In Ferguson Fake Being "RUN OVER" By A White Motorist

80% of California water goes goes to Agriculture
50% of California water goes goes to Animal Agriculture
if we were all Vegetarian, every family could have a pool
if we were all Vegan, every person could have a pool 

This Deceptively Cute Animation Illustrates The Horrors Of Addiction 

Crisis actor "student witness" of the shooting in Florida, works for media company which specializes in CRISIS COMMUNICATIONS.
Staging a shooting in Florida. Don't say it can't happen, because we just caught the main witness working for a company which specializes in SHAPING THE CULTURE and CHANGING PEOPLES BEHAVIOR using social media.
The owner Peter Mitchell, is listed out of Washington DC on his linked in, affiliated with the Florida dept of Health, and Florida Senate!!
Now the girl is tweeting that , quote , "gun control is hella cool"

     FSU shooting FALSE FLAG ALERT!
(again with screenshot) The "witness" to the FSU shooting is not only a media anchor, but WORKS for SalterMitchell...
Salter Mitchell specializes in BEHAVIOR CHANGE media, and CRISIS COMMUNICATIONS using social media!!
She works for them, and she's pretending to be a regular joe college student hair parted down the middle rebel.
Crisis actor busted. SalterMitchell involved with creating this????
Hmm?? They specialize in changing CULTURE and BEHAVIOR using media to do it.
In my opinion, they're caught red handed.
Maybe social media might be backfiring on them right about now. Can you imagine the panic in the control room now that they screwed up massively.
We've got her nailed to them , and them nailed to crisis communications, and trying to SHAPE THE CULTURE.
SalterMitchell = fail.
Now begin their bot attacks here on facebook. Watch and learn!
cleverbot is coming as soon as I press post!

This is written by my friend )'( Patrick Roddie in SF. he is the one I flyered with at Green Festival Fort Mason last weekend after he ESTABLISHED his standing under the FIRST AMENDMENT:

Gotta love the First Amendment - handing out chemtrail fliers at a Green Festival 

     DANE WIGGINTON COINTELPRO? Bechtel? Michael Murphy: Target of Psyop Dane Wigington
No Natural Weather: Introduction to Geoengineering 101

Dane Wigginton fraud has co-opted the geoengineering awareness movement to the point that it has been nearly marginalized.
 I recommend not giving this man one more second of your attention. 
Kenny VS. Gadnuk Breaker of WorldsThe uncensored version of “Cock Magic” is now live on the site! 
Watch it for free here:

8 Reasons Why Shower Sex Is Absolutely The Worst Sex Ever
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