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The Story - BOTTLED LIFE – The Truth about Nestlé's Business with Water (Documentary)
While the world's population continues to grow at an alarming rate, water is becoming an increasingly scarce commodity. The Swiss film "Bottled Life" documents the booming business with bottled water, by focusing on the global leader in this lucrative multi-billion dollar market – namely, the Nestlé… 

48 suspicious banking deaths
Our advice if JP Morgan offers you a job: politley decline. The list of top level bankers dying under suspicious circumstances has been growing rapidly in recent months.

Dave Hodges on the Hagmann and Hagmann Report 2nd & 3rd hrs.
Dave Hodges' website: ‪‬

Hagel Quits to Ensure Coup Against Obama Administration Gold Shortage, Worst In 21st Century, Sends 1Y GOFO To Lowest Ever... And India Just Made It Worse
And then there is of course the wildcard of the Swiss gold referendum on Sunday, where a "Yes" vote would lead to the immediate collapse of the gold price suppression mechanism as the swap-based gold shortage breaks through merely shadow conduits and finally makes its way to the real market. Which, of course, is why it will never be allowed to happen.      Mike Maloney ViewPoints on Swiss Gold Repatriation
Andy Hoffman thinks USA has ZERO GOLD in Fort Knox or West Point Mint
Fragile 5 Currencies have lost 40% value;
Turkey,  Indonesia,  India,  Brazil,   South Africa  Rand
“Eric, I think 2015 will be the year when the world finally discovers that the emperor has no clothes because there is a total disconnect between reality and financial markets around the globe.  We have stagnant growth and there is no net investment anywhere in the West, and there is no investment in infrastructure in the West.  Private debts are at record highs and public debts are even bigger, and none of this will ever be repaid.  This is the backdrop even as financial markets hit new all-time highs....

European Countries Repatriate Gold Bullion Reserves from Overseas Vaults

Hagel Quits to Ensure Coup Against Obama Administration 

Quo Warranto 

FaceBook breaks links. so CLICK to Dutchsinse to see links thanks. Maybe he will start using shortened links that I can cut and Paste?
St. Louis live streams, and police scanner feeds.. some on, others are currently off: Armed Militia Vows To Protect Ferguson 
The Ferguson Verdict: Propaganda Decoded - Darren Wilson, Michael Brown and Racism  

Mike Brown Protesters Attack Christmas, Make Kids Cry
“We want you to be uncomfortable shopping.” 
Oops I let the cow in... 

I've been trying to write a song for a few decades, today it finally came to me:
What'chu want? what you need? Free FOOD? Plant a seed!

the Hunger Games where Haymitch won. 

Were you aware of the extent to which they can do this? It's pretty mind-blowing to look back and think how many times you may have been mislead without realizing it.

Rockefeller funded NEA, and the Russian Revolution and put us on 440 hz music 
Free radio Show Sunday-Friday afternoons around 2/3pm PST

vaccines are soooo good for you... oh and. you're government loves you very much. 
"Skynet could be real!"
Autonomous weapons are coming-  

Michael Yon has killed a man with a single punch, and has watched men fight like lions after taking multiple rounds from automatic weapons.
His perspective on armed self-defense and the Ferguson situation is well worth your time. 
Why Professionals Don’t “Shoot To Wound” 

"there is NO grass roots revolution..highly organized"
Yuri Bezmenov: Deception Was My Job (Complete)
This is G. Edward Griffin's shocking video interview,...
Former KGB Agent Yuri Bezmenov Explains How to Brainwash a Nation (Full Length)

I AM SO SICK of hearing of people who had their LAPTOP STOLEN and their ONLY BACK UP was on a USB drive in the same LAPTOP BAG that GOT STOLEN. DUH!

Same with my SF events. Same with all my shit. By keep all your data in different Docs you can KEEP, share, EDIT, email them to your self. In that way you have BULLET PROOF backups. ie I could lose my laptop in theft or Fire or CRASH. but if you have emailed those PLAIN TEXT docs to your different email accounts, you have redundancy.

MacBook Pro. used to use a PowerBook. Cut and paste into TEXT EDIT. that is how I keep my links UNBROKEN. Now the FUCK BOOK breaks links I have to rely on my .txt TEXT EDIT doc to keep clean unbroken LINKS cause you sure as hell can't do that with FB.

Juarez: One of the most dangerousplaces for women on earth... And right across the US border "The City of Lost Girls" (2003)
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