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I suggest a FREE computer program called F.lux that takes out the blue light gradually at night and brings it back on gradually in the morning. 
For Your Health, Here are 5 Reasons to Reconsider Fluoride 
(VIDEO) “I Don’t Answer Questions” Witness the Power of Remaining Silent 
Inside the secret shipping industry Happy Birthday, Dollar! This is Why You Suck 
"It Stinks" Suspicious' Gold price action around Swiss vote - Ben Davies

Gold Selling for at least 50% over Spot in Asia - Rob Kirby Matt Drudge Issues A Warning: Have An Exit Plan

WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT SANDY HOAX: The Sandy Hook HOAX expose video is back up. After being removed by "The Powers That Be." A very well-produced video that connects all the dots.
Check it out now while you can before being taken down again.

Tonight, FBI Report Accidentally Exposes The Severity Of The Police State, then, Darren Wilson and the Reality of “Blue Privilege”, and later, Ferguson Grand Jury Evidence Reveals Mistakes, Holes In Investigation as Unorthodox Police Procedures Emerge In Grand Jury Documents.Details & more on the 
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On this explosive Monday, December 1 edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex reports on the new movies now leaked after hackers hit Sony Pictures and how the federal government will use this attack, as well as the recent credit card breaches, to "justify" regulating the Internet. Already the Supreme Court will decide on setting limits to free speech on the Internet. In other news, St. Louis police are denying that a brutal hammer attack which killed a Bosnian man was racially motivated, but some evidence points to the contrary. And if you decide to travel by air this holiday season, the TSA will unwrap your gifts. 
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SFPD: 79 arrested, 5 cops wounded in ugly protest over FergusonSeventy-nine people, including six juveniles, were arrested and five police officers were injured during the violent downtown protests in San Francisco Friday night

Directed Energy weapons are REAL as cancer... (IMO, part of how the Twin Towers were brought down)
They are also used on unsuspecting people and IMO, are being tested right now. Here are 2 links. One is from a DE website. The other, of a purported victim trying to get to the bottom of it. I think we may be seeing more and more of this in the near future. 
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