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always a drill before a false flag... that's why i'm concerned about LA. 
Schools Are Prisons parents should watch - The Brainwashing Of Youth, of the world 

Witnesses heard security guards saying that a “training event” was taking place

#‎SydneySiege Witnesses heard security guards saying that a “training event” was taking place. (
Jared Taylor- Cultural Marxism as Censorship
Jared Taylor of American Renaissance provides...

BLACK THUGS MATTER 3pm-3:30 pm in Philadelphia TODAY, black man attacks cop
could have been a suicide by cop...
Yeah I'm getting interviews by fox in a bit lol. The man was threatening to shoot passengers, the cop came up to try to restrain the man and the man fought back
This shows that mace doesn't always work and neither does a baton. Taser and gun is all you have left at that point....
lol just has his moments? He could've killed the cop? That isn't right. Glad the officer is ok. No one knows what's it's like being a cop's child wondering if your dad is coming home that night or burying him 6 feet under the next day. Bruce Jenner Illuminati Crossover 

FRACKING is 1000 x worse than cattle.
BLM wants to KICK cows off Bundy's grazing land so they can FRACK AMERICA.

Are you aware that genetically modified mosquitoes are being set for release worldwide?
Here’s How You Can Take Action:
Tell the Florida Keys Mosquito Control District to stop the GE mosquito experiments:    You can also call & email at this address: Phone: 305.292.7190 Email:

ooooh the moon connection: ‪‬
Moon Phases Calendar / Moon Schedule
Find past and future moon phases with this moon phases calendar/moon schedule. You can set the month and year for hundreds of years. 

crash in 2008/2009 and the big one we all know is coming soon... and then you find out this:

On the Monday, December 15 edition of the Alex Jones Show, fill-in guest host David Knight breaks down the battle being waged over oil, its implications on the global economy and how the latest omnibus congressional spending bill ties in. David is also joined today by Infowars editor Paul Joseph Watson to analyze the shooting that took place at a cafe in Sydney, Australia, earlier today. We'll also look at other breaking news and take your calls during this live global transmission. 
Tune in live 11am-2pm cst

slightly schizophrenic video. but reeeally packs in a ton of info about the strange, twisted, mind controlled, ritualistic, occult, demonic, pedophelic, nature of the entertainment industry and it's ties to the power elite.
with a quick broad brushstroke, it gives a taste of how bizarre it all is. for those of us who've been studying this for years, all the symbols and clues are obvious. to someone who has no idea what it all means, or is a "non-believer," this should be enough to spark curiosity. 
7 Critical Steps To Surviving A Winter Blackout

Dude was DEFINITELY doing cocaine: James Brown getting interviewed high.
YouTube      ‪#‎JRE‬
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