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12/31/2011 -- DOUBLE TROUBLE ( part 1 of 2 ) - MKULTRA mind control in PRINT media 
Major league WTH on this.
Man Monis at the Sydney Siege
Myron May at Florida State University
Stephen Stay (cassidy stays father)
Jihadi John as the British Beheader
Rogers Retribution over Monette Moio (killed Weihan Wang, Michael Martinez . witnesses Sierra Schwartz + Skylar Serge) Sheriff Bill Brown from Calabasas California
Tamerlan Tsarney at the Boston Bombing
Aaron Alexis at the Navy Navigation center
Gabrielle Giffords and the Safeway Shooting

My long time viewers and readers might already know this (since I've pointed it out before)..

BUT... when you see just a PARTIAL list before your eyes, its sort of undeniable at this point. Somethings up with the double trouble... double letter names = ficticious characters.

Lois Lane, Peter Parker, Lex Luther, Bruce Banner, Green Goblin, Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse...... also think of actors and politicians..... Ronald Regan .. Marliyn Monroe.. Howard Hughes...

As it turns out, people with double letter names are either predisposed to be famous (or infamous).. or victims of horrible crimes (or witnesses to horrible crimes).... either that..... or double letter names are being deliberately used in stories, movies, and even in the "news".

I've found most of the false flags contain people with double letter names, as well as several violent stories which appear in the news. I'm starting to think the double letter use is a "sign" to those in the know that its a fake story.
I made a video on this THREE years ago. It's been going on a long time.
Three years ago, I noticed that something strange was afoot. 12/31/2011 -- DOUBLE TROUBLE ( part 2 of 2 ) - MKULTRA mind control in PRINT media 
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