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     keep it ORGANIC
Concord grape juice shown to counteract some of the effects of cigarette smoking on arterial function ( Better to stop smoking entirely, though, and cut down on eggs:

Researcher Grandjean criticizes fluoridation promoters for downplaying IQ studies

Fluoridation promoters going for broke:

What if education was just a part of the voluntary sector?
Separate school and state:

Smart Meters Have Failed


#‎Ukraine central bank looks at ‪#‎Soros‬ as boss.

Silver, Gold & Currencies Revalued Overnight - Mike Maloney
More: Gold always accounts for an expanding fiat currency supply, either through a bull market that can last years as ...
This needs to be shared. Damn the torpedoes.

Follow the latest, BREAKING reports about the Spokane, Wash., police state protests HERE:
Battle Plan to Target Resistance Revealed
Infowars reporter Darrin McBreen is in Spokane, Wa in front of the Spokane County Police Department as he breaks down how the Sheriff's department says they ...

Video: Militarized Police Prepare for War on Constitutionalists  
Wash. State Rep. discusses total takeover of gun owners and Constitutionalists by militarized police.

(VIDEO) In this video Luke Rudkowski talks to David Icke about his predictions with ISIS and the possible start of WWIII. David breaks down many esoteric historical writings and the current political situation that can lead to bringing in other countries to war.
ISIS The Start of World War III? David Icke
In this video Luke Rudkowski talks to David Icke about his predictions with ISIS and the possible start of WWIII. David breaks down many esoteric historical ... 
VIDEO: Syrian girl from Australia speaks about who is truly responsible for the 
Sydney siege and the rise of ISIS/Al Qaeda terrorism * MUST WATCH *

     N KOREA

Forget those plans by Alamo Drafthouse Cinema and other theaters to run Team America in place of ‪#‎TheInterview‬
Instead of censoring #TheInterview let's stand up for ‪#‎freespeech‬ - Like the Facebook page Stand for Team America -

Tonight, Evidence in Sony hack attack suggests possible involvement by Iran, China or Russia, intel source says as Paramount Cancels Alamo Drafthouse's 'Team America' Screenings, then, Cuba move comes as Russia tries to revive ties to Havana, and later, Constitutionalists Expose Spokane, Wa. Police State. Details & more on the 
Infowars Nightly News @ 7pm cst - Tune-in

#‎Infowars host David Knight gets into the details of the Sony hack on today's worldwide broadcast.

Tyranny rises when the people are unaware.
Alex Jones: Break the Trance

"It's just a shame that a nation as powerful and as supposedly as smart as we are that we can be easily intimidated by a third world nation like this, a country that can't even feed itself." - Ron Paul in 2009

Sony Hack: Who's really responsible and what's the agenda?

Nazi Designed Torture Instrumental for Maintenance of CIA’s Terror War Charade: 
Michael Franti - Same As It Ever Was (Start Today)
"when we all see justice, then we'll all see peace"

Can you see more than 8 POSTS on my FB page? Is FaceBook Censoring me?
not about whether you see each of my posts on your wall. you only see 7% of my posts.
What I am asking is: CLICK ON MY PIC. GOTO MY PAGE how far down can you scroll?
Can you see more than 8 posts? on my page:
I can only see 10. FB is censoring me from me.
My friend can only see 8. FB is censoring him from me. Brain... hurts...

Sony Pictures cancels Dec. 25 release of 'The Interview' due to North Korean hacking/terror threats.
this one I think is fake
A: edit at 00:01
B: no voices, no verbal reactions from anyone
C: cam pans to each person, even guy on left. Why? Wouldn't woman be the subject
D: this may be KARMA. I hate AIR HORNS. Don't use AIR HORNS. if you do, you deserve what ever is coming to you. 
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