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PART 2: Ten Key Papers that Challenge the Pro-fluoridation Mantra:

This is what happens to your body if you drink warm ‪#‎honey‬-lemon ‪#‎water‬ in the ‪#‎morning‬:
-8 oz water -half a lemon -one tbsp raw unfiltered honey 
How Your Body Can Get The Most Out of Turmeric
Black Pepper, Almonds, Avocado, Coconut Oil improve absorption

A good thing to stop doing  - Just one company, Coca-Cola,
spends $4 billion a year to convince you to drink its slow poison. 
Then there's "diet" soda which is essentially illness and 
disability in a can. How it hurts your health. Video:

Pregnant women may be consuming too much protein, especially dairy ( What other protein source might expectant mothers want to avoid?

Feeling *too* joyful this season? Allow us to dial back your holiday cheer with a dirty little ditty we just whipped up. "The 11 Days of Beach-mas" stars the 11 uninvited guests who grace our beaches by the ton each day, chauffeured by our stormdrain system. Will you be grossed out enough to put something in our aqua-stocking to help us develop solutions to L.A.'s urban runoff problem? (Hint, hint...)

     North Korea
STEVE PIECZENIK LIVE on The Alex Jones Show [12-22-14]
Dr. Steve Pieczenik and Alex Jones discuss cyber warfare, North Korea, economic warfare, the Russian Ruble, kleptocracy, psyops, propaganda & more!
CNN is compromised, Fox news is compromised, Obama was born in Kenya, oil prices will continue to drop, Palestine will be recognized as a state...
An explosive must watch interview broadcasted live worldwide on 12-22-14

On this Tuesday, December 23 edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex covers the civil war unfolding in America as the FBI gears up cops to take on citizens and Wisconsin mobilizes the National Guard after another cop is exonerated in a killing, this time of a schizophrenic man in Milwaukee. Alex also covers a bill reintroduced by Kentucky Senator Rand Paul to end the disturbing trend of military equipment ending up in the hands of domestic law enforcement departments across the country. Tune in live 11am-2pm cst

China has 100s of empty buildings / vacant ghost towns.
Americans think China (miscalculated). NOPE
China put people to work building those so they would not have idle time to overthrow the govt. 
Dick Gregory speaks on NYPD Police Shooting Hoax, Bill Cosby, and Truth about the Sony Hack 
Never before heard info!!!.
Knights of Malta took 6 mos to set up Obama / Cuba. Ferguson set up. 
Black Panthers  Eldridge Cleaver govt agents.
98% of Tungsten in world is in Korea. Railroad tracks would pop in Freeze weather. need tungsten.
Tungsten important in space race. Metals in computer come from Africa. 
1953 Korean War. Contract dividing Korea giving 1/2 of Tungsten to America EXPIRES in 2015
When mommy feeds baby on right breast. Poisons leak out of left breast. That's the way the universe works.
Rat milk is for rats. Cat milk is for cats. (humans are not meant to drink cow's milk)
Indigo children hit this planet in 1985 IQs of 200 up.
Trayvon Martin went to get Skittles + Arizona Ice Tea. 7:17 killed. Not half time yet. Not true that he left to store at half time. Gated community. How come nobody has asked show us the pics of him levying and coming back in. That's why I believe he wasn't killed there.
Bill Cosby. was going to start a broad distribution film co? 
How you gonna kill my sonů no more Jello commercials.
Mercedes cars his son was in, upscale. Now he's putting this whole TV network togetherů
If Bill Cosby turned up dead, people would be suspicious. (easier to slander him) to stop him
He gave the women a drug? Name the drug!
60 million to cancel his network. Netflix canceled his show, had to pay him 70 Million.
It's not about the money.
When the Govt gave me CANCER the doctors said it was the type you get from Nuclear plants.
Who owns the nuclear plants? The Govt.
I ain't never been to a nuclear plant. The nuclear plant came to me.
Went to El Salvador to cure cancer by drinking white liquid for 5 days. 
Guy in paris curing cancer with baking soda.

If you've ever wondered about putting gold and silver into a retirement account, this video has the answers.
Did You Know You Can Have Gold & Silver In An IRA Account?
After so many questions this week on IRAs, we decided to publish this private webinar held back in November. This is a treasure trove of useful information. 
Congress gives Native American lands to foreign mining company with new NDAA
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