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NEA funded by Rockefeller - to turn kids into factory bots
Russian Revolution funded by Rockefaller - for controlled opposition
440 Hz music given to us by Rockefeller - 440 hz is throat / ANGER. 432 Hz is heart / LOVE
Jail all Rockefellers Rothschilds Bushes Clintons and Obamas
arrestall their PEDO friends in LONDON. Send the whole bloody lot to the moon.
Learn more about Rockefeller at info wars 
Free radio Show Sunday-Friday afternoons around 2/3pm PST   

Fri Jan 2 2015. Genetics loads the gun, Environment pulls the trigger. 
(whether or not you have a "genetic cancer risk" you can stay healthy and live longer by living and eating well.

Mon Dec 29 2014. Air Asia's CEO Dumps stock 2 days before plane's disappearance. Same thing happened days before Sept 11 2001.
A volume of PUTs 4 x bigger than any in history against American Airlines and United. Follow the money. 911 INSIDE JOB

USA is now a STAZI state, as GW Bush and Obama hired ex Stazi to run our country.
Germany is a POST FASCIST state, and knows it. USA is a PRE FASCIST STATE and does NOT know it. - William Binney (ex Tech Dir of NSA)

I don't want to play into the civil war PsyOp.
-Alex Jones warns us Race Riots are designed to PIT us AGAINST EACH OTHER
our DNA is being VANDALIZED by the autocrats 
Free radio Show Sunday-Friday afternoons around 2/3pm PST  
SHUT UP, CONSPIRACY THEORIST! Remember this when you are told not to believe the government experimented on people without their consent, the CIA smuggled drugs into this country, or that 9-11 was an inside job. Shouting at the top of your lungs usually helps!

11 Predictions Of Economic Disaster In 2015 From Top Experts All Over The Globe
Will 2015 be a year of financial crashes, economic chaos and the start of the next great worldwide depression?

- - - - - Mon Jan 5 2015

Question: where to get the highest payout on 16.9 oz aluminum cans ie: empty TAS coconut waters in bay area… do they get more $ than 12 oz cans? by weight they would…
Will collate and repost results thanks.

It was nasty today. Here's what it looked like from underneath: 
Will Hagee Have A Rapture? 

- - - - - Sat Jan 3 2015

WHAT? Sandy Hook Victim Dies AGAIN in Pakistan??: 
Are You Aware of the Ziplock Method for DUI Checkpoints? Watch, Learn, and Be Amazed

Connecticut Teen Taken Away from Mother and Physically Forced to have Chemotherapy - See more at: 
Well, I guess its about time for this one...
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