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Yep, This Guy Uses Fruit To Show You How To Properly Finger A Woman (Video)
File your nails with emery board after trimming with clippers. soft and smooth is good

Here are the biometric gadgets California cops are using to scan your face, fingerprints, and more:
California Cops Are Using These Biometric Gadgets in the Field

We’ve told you before that corn ethanol creates more carbon pollution than gasoline. Here’s what our new research tells us:

“It’s time to break up the corn ethanol monopoly to make room for next-generation biofuels that could reduce carbon emissions.” — EWG’s Emily Cassidy told FuelFix.
Traditional Ethanol Mandates Are Crowding Our Next-Generation Alternatives
The renewable fuel standard (RFS) is too reliant on corn-based ethanol, instead of more environmentally friendly alternatives.


1979 Weather Modification Docs Reveal Ultimate Gun Confiscation Agenda
New Evidence Reveals Secret Weather Modification and Hurricane Weaponization Deployed As Gun Confiscation in the USA

     Black Lives Matter? 
What's the Point of Black Lives Matter? 

National Media Ignores Black-on-White Hate Crime Assault
Men viciously assaulted by black gang for displaying confederate flag sticker.
Imagine if two African-Americans had been assaulted by a confederate flag-waving white biker gang for carrying a ‘Black Lives Matter’ protest sign.

How the Refugee Crisis Will Decimate Europe
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