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Tips on growing a lemon tree from seed in your home.
	•	Fresh Habanero Pepper (or find the hottest pepper you can)
	•	Garlic Bulb
	•	White Onion
	•	Ginger Root
	•	Horseradish Root
	•	Raw Apple Cider Vinegar
** I add Cayenne Pepper and Turmeric Root but this isn’t a part of Dr. Schulze’s recipe

Mothers who drink more milk during pregnancy tend to give birth to infants with lower iron stores ( Did you know that pregnant women may also want to avoid chamomile tea due to its anti-inflammatory properties?

How Smart Meters Affect Your Body

Horrific! Please do your research regarding the HPV vaccines.
Your life may depend on it.

I Confronted Bill Gates on Reports His Vaccines Are Paralyzing Children

Laboratory Experiments PROVE Microwaves capable of inducing Tornadoes


Sydney Siege false flag.. caught in action.. GET THOSE CAMERAS OFF the actors!
Check out the bouncers at the door in orange .. laughing it up.. and look at the scripts in several peoples hands! Tall guy tries to hide his.. three women with the notebook scripts too..  

I have been sent another version on the 'no blood' video - download if you can in case they pull this one:

The second version of no-blood Paris video pulled by YouTube. This one in on Vimeo:

To Question or Not To Question? ALWAYS To Question: 
Alex Jones talks with Dr. Steve Pieczenik about the Paris terror attack and what he believes was truly behind it as well as why the Dr. believes it was allowed to happen.

Tonight, Breaking Details About The ‪#‎CharlieHebdo‬ Attack With U.S. Officials Claiming French Authorities Killed One Suspect, Arrested Two Others in Paris shooting, then, Obama: ‘These Kind of Attacks Can Happen Anywhere in the World’. Details & more on the Infowars Nightly News @ 7pm cst - Tune-in

We are ruled by nonces.

Sandy Hook family hits ANOTHER youtube channel!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How long are you guys going to all allow this without saying something ?????

Father of Noah Pozner (from sandy hook) posts video threatening tatoott1009 with a gun!!!
Then, the same family from Sandy Hook flagged tatoott for making a video showing them threatening him!!!
Then, to top it all off , they got his video about ZeeklyTV removed!!!!!

BREAKING NEWS! The creators of the Noah Pozner Sandy Hook Pakistan school shooting pictures have been found!!!
A marketing company out of Peshawar Pakistan who specializes in social media event marketing!!! They are called "icms" based out of Peshawar.
Just like the Florida State University shooting, we found out Salter Mitchell marketing was the company behind the main witness(es).
These social media marketing companies specialize in trying to "change the world" and "shape opinions" using social media. 
Extremely rare and important footage - it only aired once on television. The reason is obvious: it undermines the official narrative by clearly showing a massive explosion blowing apart the top of the World Trade Center. There cannot be a "pile-driver pushing down" when the entire top is exploding outward on all sides. 
Idiot Teens Refuse Listen to Officer, Almost Pull a Triple “Tamir Rice” In Texas
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