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More and more evidence is mounting against the flu vaccine. Mainstream is just beginning to catch on to what we've known for years. Eat right, use natural remedies, and avoid the flu shots!

Why any cognizant doctor would prescribe statin drugs, knowing that as many as 3.6 million people have reported brain dysfunction as a result of their use.

THE CONSCIOUSNESS OF TREES ~ "Nature is not mute, it is a man who is deaf." - Terence Mckenna

     SANDY HOAX        GE, United Way and Pitney Bowes ? 
Sandy Hook: Capstone/TopOff Exercises Here Comes the BOOM!

Wow: "Here is Mr. Shanley’s Statement:
“After exhaustive research, the good news is that overwhelming evidence reveals that no children or teachers died at Sandy Hook two years ago. For relief, I have filed lawsuits against the media in US District Court in New Haven for Fraud and Terrorism. Here is an example of our abundant evidence, Exhibit D: The Connecticut State Police dash cams record no evacuation of children from school at critical moments:
— Smoking Gun evidence no children died at Sandy Hook.”


This is what we need to see on the front page of EVERY major newspaper tomorrow morning.

I CALL FISHY! I am almost ready to call SHENANIGAN.
Something wrong with the way he runs by downed cop on sidewalk and barely even aims at cop while firing shot.
You would think he would pause, point shoot. Cause otherwise he's not really doing anything else that requires his attention, other than running in a circle. AND
Cloud of DUST from? Sidewalk concrete hit? a foot an two (half meter) ahead of the direction of travel… from AK 47
Or is this the smoke of the gunpowder? ANALYSIS PLEASE!
Watch representatives of the "Religion of Peace" execute a French police officer in cold blood. 
[RAW] Terrorists shoot officer in Paris during terrorist attack at Charlie Hebdo

Media Censoring Muhammad Cartoons Amid Paris Shooting
Kit Daniels | Fear of radical Islam creating chilling effect on free speech.

Car bomb reported in ‪#‎Paris‬ following Charlie Hebdo attack.

On this Wednesday, January 7 worldwide edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex covers the attack on free media as terrorists kill with military precision the staff of a magazine in Paris that lampooned Islam and Mohammad. Alex also covers the turf war in the House as Rep. John Boehner and the Republican establishment take revenge on “insurgents” in the party amid the kick off to the One Hundred Fourteenth United States Congress. Tune in live 11am-2pm cst

Please recall Danish Illustration of Mohamed was a Bilderberg linked Illustrator.

The proper response to today's tragic events should be for EVERY publication on the planet to print depictions of the Prophet Muhammad.

Directly BEFORE "allahu akbar" is shouted, 3 police in swat are down below, then EDITED OUT! Man in bullet proof vest watches from above and points things out!?
Seriously, there are police in swat gear on the street in front of the guys supposedly screaming "allhu akbar"!!!!
Then, splice ! Then.. the guys magically appear in the shaky hand cam video!

Creepy: Little Girl Narrowly Escapes Kiss from Vice President Biden -
VP awkwardly goes in for smooch after whispering in child's ear.

Bill Gates Wants People to Drink Shit Water:

Government Drive to Force GMOs into Britain Against the Will of the People Continues:
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