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Do you still believe that water fluoridation is safe? Think again… Here are 10 facts about fluoride you need to know. New Footage Of Charlie Hebdo Gun Attack

Obama’s Internet Proposal Is CISPA With a New Name
Kit Daniels | Obama's proposes dragnet for Americans' private data.
Guy tries to smash wood-board on his head by "believing in himself" - doesn't go well.

Charlie Hebdo - La Video Censurée [Français]
La version officielle de la fusillade de Charlie Hebdo mise à mal

- - - - - Tue Morn "If Music Festival Commercials Were Honest."

a brief history of false flags. by our boy, Corbett

Kinda sexy as hell...   Archery 360
Who's up for another explosive round of slow-motion archery? BAR Members 2 of 2


As Power of Social Media Grows, Police Monitoring and Criminalising Online Speech:

hmmmm... ermmm. hmmmm...
Abby Martin Wearing Illuminati Symbol - Eye of Horus Pyramid - Paris Shooting Hoax 

ahhh yes. more color programming...
Paris Shooting Hoax = The Color PURPLE!! Masonic Mind Control To Program Sheeple!
Yup - it's the Color Purple no doubt about it folks!

Paris Attackers Funded by Pentagon Dinner Guest, and 5 Other ''Coincidences''

France martial law - 10,000 troops on streets in wake of shootings:

Man Who Filmed Terrorists Shooting Paris Cop Says He Regrets Sharing Video - Really? Wonder Why

Have you seen Episode 5 of HSOM? We showed the countermeasures that the ECB has put in place to deter counterfeit counterfeits. Obviously not good enough...
Italian police uncover huge fake euro banknote factory near Naples -
They say unfinished 50-euro banknotes worth more than 50 million euros, along with sophisticated printing presses, were discovered inside the warehouse of a...

Time to destroy the rest of the evidence.


On the Tuesday, January 13 transmission of the Alex Jones Show, Alex looks at how the global surveillance grid, cyber-security and police state are being positioned to provide the “solution” for the Paris attacks. Jones continues to scrutinize the manufactured clash of civilizations in relation to the war on personal freedoms, and reviews the implications of a study showing how lawmakers are 18 times richer than working class households on average. On today's show, Alex welcomes presidential candidate and former Congressman Dr. Ron Paul. Be sure to tune in live! 11am-2pm cst
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