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Many consider this prolific green fruit, vegetable, and nut combined a superfood, and for good reason.
Not Eating this Green Superfood? You’re Crazy
Avocado is considered one of the healthiest foods available.

     CELL phone towers on SCHOOLS
This is really dangerous. Not just for kids, but for everyone. You know me. I say it's all by design... Harm the children. Sicken the population. ahem
Why Are Cell Phone Towers Going Up on Public Schools All over the Country?
This is a follow up to the last video we did based on a tip sent to us by a viewer who wanted to know how...

San Francisco Is Painting the Streets with Historical ‪#‎Creeks‬
‪#‎localizewater‬ ‪#‎waterart‬ ‪#‎MakerH2O‬ 
A placemaking project traces the city's long-buried arroyos.

Update: Paris shooting Terror Attacks - Policeman hand special effect failed - hoax "drill"

Must see!!! Damning New Evidence of Crisis Actors Boston Bombing!! 

     EU Emperor Has No Clothes
Whether it’s the stunning surge of the Swiss Franc, up 30% in 13 minutes, Iceland walking away from membership talks or even people asking that citizens be a...

Report: Obama’s Terror Cells In The U.S.

On the Friday, January 16 broadcast of the Alex Jones Show, Jones breaks down the Obama administration's decision to send troops to train Syrian rebels, as thousands of so-called “moderate rebels” defect to ISIS. Alex also looks at discussions over the reauthorization of the FISA surveillance law, which House Speaker Boehner insists only collects information on people who pose an imminent threat. Follow Alex on twitter @RealAlexJones [] and help contribute to the conversation and ask questions. LIVE 11am-2pm cst
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