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SHUT UP, CONSPIRACY THEORIST! Remember this when you are told not to believe the government experimented on people without their consent, the CIA smuggled drugs into this country, or that 9-11 was an inside job. Shouting at the top of your lungs usually helps! Shut Up, Conspiracy Theorist!!! (MIRROR)

     $ BPA-free might not be enough. A new study shows that a commonly used BPA alternative causes disruptions in fetal brain development.
Trader Joes has no BPA

Vladimir Putin has been silent lately. But if anyone thought he had been shamed into defeat or marginalized, then think again.

Fluoride promoters do not want the public to know this information. In one of the few laboratory studies that investigated the toxicity of fluoride at levels comparable with daily intake from fluoridated water, this study published in 1953 and referenced in what is regarded as the encyclopedia or bible of fluoride, written by Hodge and Smith and published by Academic Press in 1965, researchers found that fluoride caused multi-organ toxicity affecting the lungs, thyroid, pancreas, stomach, liver, adrenal glands, kidney, intestines and the cerebral cortex in the brain of the nearest mammal to humans. This study was buried in the report and not referenced when they discussed the toxicity of fluoride. Its no suprise as it demonstates how incredible toxic fluoride is to primates. Please share.   

On January 28th City Councilors in Dallas, Texas will be voting on whether to continue purchasing fluoridation chemicals. If you would like to support the group "Fluoride Action North Texas" in their efforts to end fluoridation, please visit their website: 

this should scare the shit out of everyone on this planet. and it's all real. i've looked it up. THIS, is how they spray chemtrails and get away with it. they've "INFORMED" the public. it's up to us to FIGHT BACK!

GMOs are deadly: organs, blood, brain are all harmed by these satanic substances: 

Nothing to see here. Move along. Drink your Govt Fluoride. Go to sleep.

see also: Dr. Horowitz - Aids, Ebola, Vaccines 
U.K Prime Minister Wants to Ban WhatsApp,iMessage and Snapchat after Paris Hebdo Hoax (Redsilverj) 

All of history is a history of false flag operations. ‪#‎CharlieHebdo‬

How Our Government Violates Every Single One of the 10 Commandments

     Knights Templar
Same powers that ruled for more than a few thousand years, are still ruling today, and oh and these are Satans people. They want the world, this video explains somewhat who and what they are. Good to know 
When The Knights Templar Transformed to Freemasonry & The Rosslyn Chapel 

     Sandy Hook Sandy Hook - Go Bus Yourself
Sandy Hook- More Strange Goings On- Lanza Fastest Gun In The East
Taking a far closer look at the Barbara Sibley account with emphasis on the TIMELINE. According to official reports the entire shooting took place in between...

Hello to all the night owls. I have a favor to ask of you. If you know how to use torrents and are willing to spare a bit of bandwidth, please download this torrent and seed it for a couple of days. Get it established and they won't be able to take it down.

I have uncovered huge proof that the videos we saw coming out of France, specifically the video with the French police raiding the Super Market HAD FAKE SCREAMS ADDED IN THE VIDEO!!!
Here is the version which ran all over main stream media:
The original version (with no news commenter talking over the video) is fairly hard to find, luckily I found it.
The original version has it much different!! Meaning the media added in entire audio segments for dramatic effect (fake effects).
This is wild. I've got a video processing up now showing the two back to back, there is no denying the version ran by the media was majorly altered (faked).

Paris looks like another engineered attack, says former US government official:

Advertisers, Feds Want Data Automakers Collect From High-Tech Cars
Kit Daniels | Data reveals when a car carrying a child is passing by McDonald's and when a driver is speeding.

When will an economic collapse happen? : Insider Reveals Collapse Timeline -

On this Thursday, January 15 edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex covers the imploding economy as the government and its talking heads insist it has markedly improved despite indicators to the contrary. Alex also covers calls for new sanctions on Russia and the parading of another FBI pasty charged with terrorism after an informant set him up in Ohio. Plus, two special guests! (hint: Group & Noory!) Follow Alex on twitter @RealAlexJones [] and help contribute to the conversation and ask questions. LIVE 11am-2pm cst

Yet ANOTHER NASA scientist dies???? This is quickly becoming the deadliest occupation in the world. Guess that's what happens when you see things the gov doesn't want peeps to know about. 

UK Prime Minister Says #9/11 - #7/7 Truthers Are Extremists

Hitlery Clinton is bankrolled by uberZionist Hiam Saban who has publicly stated, "I am a one-issue guy, and that issue is Israel."
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