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If you live in the US, where more than two-thirds of Americans receive fluoridated ‪#‎water‬, you may simply assume that it’s always been that way.
10 Facts About Fluoride You Need To Know
By Dr. Mercola If you live in the US, where more than two-thirds of Americans receive fluoridated water, you may simply assume that it’s always been that way. But this is not so. Water fluoridation began in 1945, despite the fact that fluoride...


The overuse of antibiotics is catching up to us:

Healthy Children & Adults Vaccinated with Flu Shot are Dying

600 strains of aerosol thought control vaccine tested on humans and put in air, food, water:

Report: Turkey’s Prime Minister Caught Arming al-Qaeda, ISIS
Kit Daniels | NATO ally shipping missiles to al-Qaeda in Syria 


Update 1-20: If it wasn't enough that the NSA and the GCHQ spy on us without warrants, now they are trying to use the Paris attacks to force tech companies to provide them access to every single method of communication. They essentially want to make privacy illegal. (source Reuters

     Boston Bombing Drill
Get the word out to the people of Boston. It is now 100% confirmed the people who were "injured" in the "bombing" were faking the whole thing.
All the people "injured" were NOT next to the "bomb" as reported.

Boston Bombing, totally fake.
5 days after amputations, EVERYONE is all good! Happy times, no IV's, no wounds, and full contact with the fresh surgical spots???
Sitting up on the freshly amputated legs and rolling yourself around.. 5 days after??????
Boston Bombing hoax victims busted.

FAKE boston bombing victims caught red handed! MUST SEE!

FAKE HOAX victim from Gabrielle Giffords "safeway shooting" false flag attack.
After she was shot in the arm, and in the BACK.. she's waving her hands around during the interview, and listen to the interview!!
OMG FAKE! Government caught staging fake attacks multiple times now.
Time to wake up people.

On the Tuesday, January 20 broadcast of the Alex Jones Show, Alex breaks down the terror group ISIS' latest reported advancements, as they seize the presidential palace in Yemen, move to execute 13 young soccer fans and threaten two Japanese hostages. Jones also examines the police state's latest nefarious toy, a radar device that can peer through walls, and continues to break down the American Sniper - Chris Kyle deception. 
Tune in LIVE 11am-2pm cst

 NOW LIVE! Alex debates former Education Secretary of the radical leftist organization, Weather Underground, Bill Ayers, on the topic of education reform, the Common Core curriculum, schools and teaching, current events and more. Watch the free video feeds @

CNN host sacked for Israel comments:

ICYMI: Unredacted FBI letter to MLK illustrates the lengths that intelligence agencies are willing to go, using surveillance as a weapon. ‪#‎MLK‬ ‪#‎MLKDay2015‬ ‪#‎FBI‬ ‪#‎Surveillance‬ ‪#‎Spying‬ 

DAMN IT PEOPLE DON'T YOU GET IT??? Part 12, Kill Orders! A 10 min video ~ 

NOTE: this is the YOUTUBE produced by the GUY who was JUST SUICIDED? yesterday
to prevent him from MAKING his MOVIE called GRAY STATE  
First Day Of The Second American Civil War 

GRAY STATE Official Concept Trailer #1 

An independent filmmaker and his family were found dead in a Minnesota home over the weekend from what media outlets are describing as an “apparent murder suicide.”
Anti-Establishment Movie Director Found Dead
Director was working on project envisioning future federal martial law crackdown scenario. 

He sounded pretty sane to me
Gray State Film: The Systematic Abolishment of Liberties to Bring in a Nwo
Alex talks with David Crowley and Danny Mason, the...
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