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PRESS RELEASE: Fluoridation's 70th Anniversary - Not Something to Celebrate
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"Increased fluoride exposure resulted in significant reduction in vitamin E, C and D when compared with the age matched controls.On the basis of the results it may conclude that fluoride exposure promote oxidative stress and alteration in vitamins and minerals. These alterations may induce pathophysiological activities due to lack of vitamin and minerals." 
Many people don't know that their symptoms--arthritis, headaches, stomach aches, may be caused by fluoride.

Global Shockwaves To Come From Swiss Currency Bombshell - Mike Maloney 

Silver, Gold & Currencies Revalued Overnight - Mike Maloney 
$7,000 / OZ GOLD according to Jim Rickards, $15,000 / oz acc. to Mike Maloney.

Gold Is The Trade of the Century - Marc faber
[In @ 3:00] -  Marc Faber - People will wake up finally that if they could short Central Banks that would be The Trade Of The Century by Buying Gold. Central Banks Will Be  Exposed for What Fraud they Commit. The Banks Have Produced the Biggest Financial Crisis since the Depression... 

This is my best video yet! Enjoy!
Enabling A Big Brother Future


Samsung Responds to Privacy Concerns Over TVs Recording “Personal” Conversations - Private communications being sent to government?

Students suspected of “cyberbullying” could face criminal charges under a new Illinois state law if they refuse to reveal their social media passwords to school administrators.

BREAKING NEWS: 1/21/2015 -- MASSIVE new lava flow in Hawaii -- Kilauea / Pu'u O'o fissure       Video here:

US Brigadier General said: ‘ISIS Leader Does Not Exist’.

Uncovered document of VIP ‘unnatural sexual proclivities’ 
was handed to Thatcher:

to the tune of $33,000,000 Million dollars he pumped into fanning the flames of tension in Ferguson. 
WeCopWatch and CounterCurrent News now trying to start riots too.

take note kids, if you wanna get shot:
C: WHEN COP SAYS "show me your hands", don't! Instead, move around, hide your hands, reach for stuff.
D: when cop says: STAY IN CAR, ignore him, jump out the car, move around some more, do crazy shit with one hand while you hold up another hand to distract him
E: pull something out your pocket real quick
that oughta do it

BULLSHIT countercurrentnews I am Unfollowing you and UNLIKING you now as you are FULL of LIES. 
Cop said SHOW ME YOUR HANDS and DON"T MOVE several times. Passenger refused to show his hands and refused to stay in car. Passenger jumped out QUICK against orders.
Passenger acting furtive, suspicious like he's gonna pull a gun, oh and there's already one gun in glove box.
 One Hand visible. at least one gun in glove box.
countercurrentnews makes up all kinds of lies! WTF!

Cop on passenger side shot 6x. Cop on driver side shot 1 x. =7
if you could count. 
Why you gotta say "shot almost 10 x" ? trouble counting?

Another Unarmed Man Shot and Killed By Police, Even Though His Hands Were In Plain Sight

REAL State of the Union: State of the REICH
10. Millionaires have made millions, billionaires have made billions
9. Thanks to the Fed, corporations have been borrowing cheap money and buying their own stocks. Only reason why stock market is up 200%
8. New Home sales are down 65% from the peak, and yet house prices are bonkers, thanks to smart govt/bank policies
7. Full-time jobs are being replaced by multiple part-time jobs, and hence the illusion of "more" jobs
6. 70% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck, but hey stock market is up
5. Unemployment down because of the way we count. Labor participation rate lowest since the 1970s. For men between 24-54, unemployment is over 20%
4. Successfully created student loan bubble, subprime car bubble, housing bubble, stock market bubble, junk bond bubble and Fracking bubble. All ready to burst within two years
3. US govt debt grew by $7 trillion in 6 years. Now at $18 trillion and growing
2. Started Cold War II, destroyed Ukraine, left Afghanistan and Iraq in a mess, devastated Syria and created 8 million homeless people. Empire of Chaos is very pleased with itself.
1. NSA is spying more than ever. George Orwell's nightmare has become a reality

On this Wednesday, January 21 edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex exposes the vast lies spewed by President Obama during last night's State of the Union speech. Obama claimed he is a champion for the middle class, despite Obamacare being a wealth-transfer scheme which impoverishes Americans through excessive healthcare costs while enriching the private, off-shore mega banks who wrote the law. Obama also claimed America is reducing its grip on foreign oil, despite OPEC flooding the market with cheap crude to shut American oil producers out of business. Tune in LIVE 11am-2pm cst

#‎censorship ‪#‎censors‬ ‪#‎censoring‬ ‪#‎fascism‬
Time to take a real hard look at yourselves, and those around you. Time to either leave these services, or demand they listen to their real contributors.
We use these services every day. They make a living off our traffic and information. Now they get hostile towards us for some reason (due to their corporate paymasters telling them they must clamp down on people like us)

Now they're going to demolish the house of Adam Lanza in Newtown / Sandy Hook???
Just like the school... I bet there is ZERO DNA of "Adam Lanza" at this house.. and zero blood from the fake "mother".
That's why they're tearing down all structures.. someone could come in with a black light and verify no blood splatter!

Guy from the Batman False Flag shooting in Colorado who is pushing for gun control.. GUESS WHERE HE'S ACTUALLY FROM?!!!!!
Near Sandy Hook! Lo, and behold, there he is AT Sandy Hook saying:
"the last thing that I thought , was that this "gun violence" would strike so close to home" he says."
They say he just so happened to be on a 'cross country bicycle trip' where he stopped off in Aurora Colorado to see the new batman movie.... where the guy who liked the "joker" from batman, named James Eagan Holmes, supposedly shot up a theater.
It was all a hoax.

Hmmmm... January 2015: 1. Swiss un-peg from Euro. 2. IMF vote structure to remove US veto ability. 3. GOFO ends. 4. ECB formalizes QE. 5. Russia cuts gas to 6 Europ'n countries. 6. Canada announces rate cut. 7. Gold up in ALL currencies. 8. Equity market volatility. 9. Russia and China INCREASE CB gold purchases. 10. WTF is next?! 
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