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Press Release from the Dallas, Texas campaign:
Fluoridation Will Stop in Dallas Texas When Eight of The Dallas City Council-members Vote No on...
Dallas, Texas (PRWEB) January 21, 2015 -- On January 14th, the Dallas City Council heard several... 

     Breast Cancer
3 Signs You'll Get Breast Cancer - Dr. Russell Blaylock
STOP EATING SUGAR. CANCER feeds on SUGAR ONLY. Cutting sugar starves CANCER.
1 Mammograms build up of RADIATION DAMAGE.
There are much safer and more accurate tests.
dangerous radiation levels
2 Having too much body Inflamation from, which, in many cases, is caused by many…
popular foods from grocery stores and restaurants.
The World Health Organization has just issued a warning that cancer cases will rise by 70% during the coming years. Over 2.8 million American women currently...

Today silver has as much potential as gold! - David Morgan
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Smart TVs Recording ‘Personal’ Conversations:

Smartphones to begin categorizing users’ mental health:

Bill Gates Pushes Cashless Society
Scheme would allow government to confiscate money at will - all while destroying privacy!

‘Doomsday Clock’ Set to Move One Minute Closer to Midnight - Some have labeled clock a “propaganda tool”.

Sleeping Illinois Cop Claims “It’s now illegal to record a police officer in public” -
New Eavesdropping laws being abused by police.

SOTU Decoded     The devil is in the details — and so are the lies.

Tonight, NSA Cyber War Will Use Internet of Things as Weapons Platform, then, Sleeping Illinois Cop Claims “It’s now illegal to record a police officer in public”, and later, CIA Chief: We’ll Spy on You Through Your Dishwasher. Details & more on the Infowars Nightly News @ 7pm cst - Tune-in

On this live Thursday, January 22 transmission of the Alex Jones Show, Alex exposes how Obama is patronizing millennials while stealing their future. Obama is also incentivizing illegals with claims of free community college for all, but fine print reads only 75 percent will be covered, and nothing is ever free. Jones also breaks down the Senate's vote that global warming "is not a hoax." 
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