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Event 60 Minutes of Bullshit 

     Forced Vaccination
Forced Quarantines have Started: Pasadena Woman Resists Forced Vaccination See this video also:

Greek people vote to throw out the banksters -

Pro tip 1: Don't threaten to shoot your girlfriend while at a wedding
Pro tip 2: If you are concerned about shooting your girlfriend at a wedding, don't bring a gun to said wedding.
Pro tip 3: When people at wedding are afraid you WILL shoot girlfriend at wedding, expect cops to be called.
Pro tip 4: When cops arrive, don't run.
Pro tip 5: if running, don't pull gun on cop.

BODY CAM VIDEO: Oklahoma Officer Fatally Shoots Armed Man At Church Wedding 
This vicious bear attack is the cutest thing you'll see today: 

40% of food that's grown doesn't get eaten. WHAT?! It's mind boggling how much perfectly good food goes to waste while people are hungry. It's time to raise awareness and come together to find ways to stop the "waste" and spread the abundance. We are excited about groups like Keep Austin Fed and Feed Fayetteville that are closing these loops.
Check out the Good Samaritan Food Donation Act, print it out and share it with your local grocery manager:

NEW WORLD ORDER BOMBSHELL! Quote President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko speaking to the US Congress @ 3min 50sec into this video....
"will we be forced to accept the reality of the 'dark term', or will be we be to EUROPE AS PART OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER?"
The NWO is not a 'conspiracy' any more, as it is openly promoted now.
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