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     FOOD is the first non-commercial, nonprofit, science-based website to provide free daily updates on the latest discoveries in plant based nutrition. There are hundreds of videos on >1,000 topics and new videos go up every week.

Kids living a VEGAN lifestyle are missing out on all the things NON-vegan children are able to have!

Visibility starting to decrease (Brooklyn Bridge and the East River)
Have you stored WATER and FOOD? candles and Matches, Warm Blankets?

Yep, California's still in a drought, just in case anyone was wondering!
***everyone get your raindance on!!!!***

store what you eat. eat what you store, so that you ensure you will like what you store. to identify FREE LOCAL SPRING water near you!

This Bandwagon Can't be Stopped. Second major victory in Ireland for 2015, and two U.S. states have legislation that could reverse fluoridation mandates: 
Connecticut and Minnesota

Another reason why it's a good idea to have your own emergency survival pack.
Residents suffer consequences of being ill-prepared. ‪#‎Preppers‬

It seems that asking police in California not to block the road is now a violent and threatening action worthy of a forceful response.

FORENSIC PROOF: Cops shot "Breaching Round" to shatter Sandy Hook front window (then blamed boogeyman Adam Lanza).

No mystery here. Thanks to The CON Trail.

One week after saying Western Intelligence was responsible for the Charlie Hebdo attacks... house burns down, and man is seriously injured in "accident".

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10:03am ‪#‎tweet4taiji‬
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