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Two years ago when I was invited to the Medical University in Iran to give a presentation on my research into fluoride, medical researchers at the university had just completed a study examining the effect of fluoride in drinking water on childrens' intelligence. In their study the researchers found that the most profound effect of fluoride was the increase in the number of children with below average intelligence. The number of children with IQ below 90 was 4 times higher in the high fluoride group compared to the low fluoride. Last night I read a new study just published which went a step further. Here the authors measured fluoride exposure by infants the only quantifiable scientifically way possible, by measuring blood fluoride and urinary fluoride levels. In this study they tested children 10-12 years of age living in two communities with varying levels of fluoride in water. The low community had levels less than fluoridated water, the high community had 1.4mg/L. However, the urinary and blood fluoride levels in the high fluoride group were equal to or within the range reported in children of the same age in the US. The blood and urinary levels in the low community were significantly less than what has been found in children in the US or other countries with fluoridation programs. The researchers also measured thyroid function in all children and protein metabolism in addition to IQ. They then plotted IQ versus blood and urinary fluoride levels and the results were profoundly alarming. As with the Iranian study i mentioned previously the number of children in the high fluoride community with below average IQ was 4 times higher, however the difference in IQ between the children the with lowest blood or urinary fluoride levels and those with the highest was 15 IQ points. Children with urinary fluoride < 0.2mg/L had by far the highest IQ. The urinary fluoride levels in US children pre fluoridation (1940s) was 0.2mg/L. Today its 1.0 - 2.5mg/L. In the latter study children with higher fluoride intake were also found to have deranged protein metabolism as well as thyroid function. Now to summarise, children in artificially fluoridated communities have higher internal bodily fluoride levels than the children in this study. This study is perhaps the 40th study to demonstrate that fluoride reduces IQ, as well as alters thyroid function and protein metabolism. Water fluoridation is engineering reverse evolution on the human species, making the next generation dumber and sicker. - Declan Waugh
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