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Avocados are my favorite fruit because they are delicious and nutritious.
What's your favorite avocado dish?

     stop fluoridation
We won! San Marcos voters told the city to stop fluoridation by a 20% margin. Prop 1 passed!

     Agenda 21 Agenda 21 EXPLAINED, full version 

Conspicuous absence of the health impact of RF on children.
Why Steve Jobs Didn’t Let His Kids Use iPads, And Why You Shouldn’t Either
‘Smart meters’ safety debate returning to Maine’s top court
Opponents of Central Maine Power's 'smart meters' want the court to invalidate a Public Utilities Commission review that found no evidence that the technology poses a risk to people.
By Kevin Miller Staff Writer | @KevinMillerPPH | 207-791-6312

Hormone Disrupting Chemical Banned in EU Found in 50 Top US Snacks

Verizon Begins Scanning and Censoring Customer Emails
Telecom giant known for trying to block news on the internet.
    ‪#‎Verizon‬ accused of censoring email.

McDonald’s, Burger King Lure Kids with Toys and Targeted Ads
Thankfully, record people are rejecting the fast food.
    They need to lure children into their restaurants with toys now more than ever before, as the company has suffered a series of significant financial losses recently.

Wesley Clark: Internment Camps For Disloyal Americans
Don't like big government? Forced labor for you!

Expert: Russian Airbus May Have Been Hijacked
Satellite data rules out missile fired from ground.
    With speculation still raging as to what caused the crash of the Russian Airbus A321 passenger plane, another expert has come forward to claim that the airliner may have been hijacked.

     herd vulnerability
Find out why mass vaccination should really be known as "herd vulnerability".

Here's how you can protect your pets from unnecessary vaccines:

"The illegality of Cannabis is outrageous, an impediment to full utilization of a drug which helps produce the serenity and insight, sensitivity and fellowship so desperately needed in this increasingly mad and dangerous world." -Carl Sagan

RIDDLE: 4 engines... 2 CHEMTRAILS from WINGTIPS. oh yeah right, condensation, 
go back to sleep America, your government is in control - RIP Bill Hicks Jokes​
#ChemTrails #GeoEngineering #WeatherModification

Masks, face paint also not allowed
A leading cinema chain is banning people from bringing lightsabers to Screenings of the new Star Wars movie because it says they resemble ‘weapons’.

Cops Gun Down Rancher After Bull Escapes Pasture
Rancher's wife suffers heart attack, in critical condition after learning of husband's death.
    Two sheriff’s deputies are on paid administrative leave after a tragic string of incidents led deputies to exchange fire with a prominent Idaho rancher, killing him.

U.S. scrambling to save face in Syria --
The U.S. political, military and intelligence leadership has been scrambling to save face in Syria since Putin threw a geopolitical curve-ball at the empire-builders one month ago. Russia has now been pounding them with it repeatedly for 30... 

The US intelligence community believes that a fuel tank or bomb may have been the source of the heat signature, NBC News reported
Just before a Russian passenger airliner crashed in Egypt’s Sinai on Saturday, a US infrared satellite reportedly detected a heat flash in the same vicinity, indicating that an explosion may have happened on board.

     what Islam offers
Let's discuss what Islam offers
When the 7 century man meets meets the 21 Century

Citizens attempt block the arrival of “migrant” trains and bus transfers | Pamela Geller
"About 500 citizens are peacefully yet determinedly blocking the arrival and driveways at the train station. At the moment four buses with 'invaders' are being…

Libya Threatens to Send Hundreds of Thousands of Additional Illegal Migrants to Europe
ISIS threatened to flood Europe with jihadists from Libya.
    ‪#‎Libya‬ blackmails ‪#‎Europe‬ with hundreds of thousands of illegal ‪#‎migrants‬. 

Sweden enjoys its warm embrace from those looking for a better life
They come for the free money, not to give respect or to integrate. Even James Wood gets it. The Swedish government doesn't get anything. Or they just don't care.

First Of 750 Migrants Arrive In Tiny German Village With A Population Of Just 102
Bracing itself for 700 PER CENT population hike.

Luke Rudkowski details a recent experience he had in Manila - the result is as powerful as it is touching.
- New WRC Video -
The True Face Of Tyranny That You Never See | We Are Change
In this video Luke Rudkowski shares a personal story of what he experienced in the city of Manila, Philippines.

REVEALED: Blueprint For Global Governance Now Explicitly Stated
It is no longer necessary to infer to deduce what global governance will look like and how it will be implemented. We now have a specific blueprint.…

Sorry, Social Justice Warriors: Political Correctness Has Peaked
If you’re Social Justice Warrior, you’re a liar.

Daily Beast: Obama, Hillary Toying With ‘Civil War’ Over Gun Confiscation
The mere mention of confiscation is something that could literally rip the country apart.

Sheriff Clarke slams Obama gun control and calls out police chiefs for compromising: "Gun control has nothing to do with the crime and violence that these chiefs [know] it. But many of them, especially in your large urban centers, are under the thumb of anti-gun, soft on crime, mayors." ‪#‎2A‬ ‪#‎GunRights‬
Sheriff David Clarke: Obama is on a 'Gun Confiscation Mission'
Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke talks about gun control and Barack Obama's recent references to Australian-style gun confiscation.
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