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Fluoride Poison & How Are We Killing Our Children.
The damage is mounting and a new film is going to explore the evidence against Fluoride being used on our children.

Obama is creating the climate for terror attacks in America... ‪#‎Paris‬

OKC Bombing Was About Stopping States’ Rights Movement And Militias
Former Clinton Insider reveals just how far the clintons are willing to go to become president again.
    Did you know Clinton was actually involved in the Oklahoma City bombing?

Patrick Wood and James Corbett discuss the importance of the upcoming COP21 meeting in Paris in terms of Technocracy, Agenda 21, the carbon scam and the Rockefellers. Please watch and share.
The Technocratic Agenda: Sustainable Development and Climate Eugenics

Generation Z      Zombies     anti-intellectual
demand censorship "safe space" no thoughts allowed

Apple CEO Warns The END Of CASH Is Coming

Vatican secretly operates brothels for priests, leaked documents reveals

     Paris attacks: 
Hollande blames Islamic State for ‘act of war’:

Paris Attacks Perfect Pretext For Big Brother and War Agenda:

CONFIRMED: Paris terrorist was a Syrian refugee migrant who crossed "open borders" -
BOOM! CIA Director Met with French Security Chief and  Mossad Before Paris Attacks

Special Report: Paris Massacre Only The Beginning

Take a close look into the minds of Mizzou supporters.

BREAKING! Paris Attack Was Western-Backed
This is order out of chaos
    When you open your borders to people who are diametrically opposed to your basic principals, it is a recipe for disaster. Alex Jones breaks it all down.

Special Report: Paris Massacre Only The Beginning
Globalists fueling ISIS to create exploitable hysteria
    Although it’s likely the U.S. and NATO will use the Paris attacks as an excuse to launch military operations in Syria, the Pentagon admitted in 2012 that NATO was backing Islamic extremists in a proxy war to topple Syrian president Bashar al-Assad.

#‎ISIS message on ‪#‎Paris‬ attacks released by neocon group.
Neocon Insiders Release ISIS Message on French Attacks
SITE released questionable al-Qaeda videos in the past

Syrian Passport Found Near Body of One of Paris Suicide Bombers
Earlier, a Syrian passport was found on the body of one of the Paris suicide bombers

US bombed ‪#‎Libya‬ on same day as ‪#‎Paris‬ attacks. ‪#‎ISIS‬
U.S. Takes War Against ISIS into Libya
Pentagon targets ISIS on same day as Paris attack

Reports are emerging that one of the terrorists involved in last night’s Paris massacre was a Syrian refugee who arrived in Greece last month.
Report: Paris Attacker Was Syrian ‘”Refugee” Who Arrived in Greece Last Month
Stade de France suicide bomber identified as would-be asylum seeker by Greek government

Merkel Calls For “Tolerance” Towards Migrants After Paris Massacre
Open border policy likely to come under intense scrutiny after last night's bloodshed
    Yes tolerate invasion
    German Chancellor Angela Merkel responded to the Paris massacre by calling for “tolerance” towards migrants and respect for “the right of everyone to seek his fortune and live,” as her policy of allowing in hundreds of thousands of refugees came under fresh scrutiny.

Poland’s new government rejects migrant quotas after Paris attacks
New cabinet doesn't agree with their predecessors' commitment to take a share of refugees

Paris jihad mass murderer was a Syrian refugee | Pamela Geller
AT LEAST one of the terrorists responsible for the slaughter of 127 people in the Paris terror attacks was a Syrian refugee.

There are only a few images of the so-called eyewitnesses of the false flag attack in France, who yesterday by the established media such as Reuters and ap be stepped up.Crisis-actors are used in false flag operations. Your news is mostly fake. Fake events be stepped up with actors. Plays are presented you as a reality. This is done by means of so-called crisis actors: people who get paid to pretend there's a disaster happened and then be interviewed by the accomplice and corrupt mainstream media.See here a crisis actor that says that his mobile phone has saved his life. " here is the mobile that has saved my life. (... Something about his shoe or something, I don't know exactly). Then he suggests that he is a little hurt by a red stain on his t-shirt to show (why do we get the wound itself not to see then?) And he leaves the coat pocket see where his mobile was where than a bullet would have hit him.A bullet in your shirt but not in your coat? So these are the few eyewitnesses who always and everywhere in the lying media appearance with such an unbelievable and incomprehensible kut story. A mobile that a bullet fails and no hole in your coat and in your shirt.All the intuitive alarm bells going off right on red should jump at this kind of nonsense. You feel that this is not true 

WATCH & SHARE this video to learn about and stop the Islamic Hijrah, Jihad by Emigration.
The Obama-Jarrett White House wants to speed up Syrian Muslim "Refugee" resettlement -- 100,000 this year. ‪#‎WeAreParis‬ ‪#‎StopTheHijrah‬

      False Flag 
Paris France "Terrorist Attack" Psyop Hoax - Cafe Suicide Bombing Scene "Forensic Experts" Exposed     
#‎Paris looking increasingly bogus by the minute. This café was supposedly blown up by a suicide bomber, but the only damage to be seen is a couple of overturned chairs and a cracked window. Bonus, "forensic experts" smoking a cigarette at the scene. I grew up outside Belfast where things actually blew up and they made a much bigger mess than this. Watch the first half of this video (after that he kinda gets into the weeds)

     10A     STATES RIGHTS
2 MINUTE HISTORY LESSON: What Thomas Jefferson and James Madison wrote to each other about plans AFTER passage of the Resolutions of 1798.
Understood in this correct historical context, the Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions of 1798 provide an invaluable blueprint on how to stop federal power today.
NOW: A Starting Point NEXT SATURDAY: Effective Strategy 
Join TAC, Support Liberty!

     Bulldoze Mizzou
Should We Bulldoze Mizzou to End Racism?
Mizzou was partially designed by 'racist' Thomas Jefferson
    Students give their thoughts on wheter the Mizzou campus should be demolished because it was partially designed by Thomas Jefferson.

Obama has “assigned White House lawyers” to look for a way to use executive action to expand gun control. Join the resistance at: See story at:
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