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"Sunny Acres" Farms



     Fracking Hell: The Untold Story

Swedish Berserker Rage Unleashed On Refugees 

Ex Muslim Author: ‘Sharia is With Us, And It’s The Women Who Suffer’
“The religion that causes the most bloodshed is being protected the most."


German Politician Openly Brags About Replacing the German People

When your global economic model was set up to fail, that's what it will do:

     Former Muslim: 
U.S. Needs To Stop Living In Denial About Islamism 

45 Survival & SHTF Hacks In This 11 Minute Video
I mean this when I say it - you will never learn more about emergency preparedness, survival or SHTF in 11 minutes, than you will by watching the video above. Seriously the amount of tips, tricks and information contained in this video is mind boggling. If you watch this video (and I ...

White House: Americans Should Talk About Gun Control This Thanksgiving 

No one's checking: Shambolic immigration fooled by false address given by asylum seeker
BRITAIN'S shambolic immigration system has been highlighted by a case where officials failed to spot that an asylum seeker had given a false address - and…|By Anil Dawar
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