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Calais Emigrant vs. Drivers & EUROPA
THIEVES checking every truck to find any which are UNLOCKED so they can LOOT STEAL MAYHEM and RIOT
Video: One the BBC won’t show – the sheer scale of the migrant UK invasion force in Calais

This hoard of migrants appears to be
BAD for Public Safety
watch countries collapse as ZOMBIES fill the roads and commerce / delivery / trucking comes to a HALT / STANDSTILL
… add this to the Baltic dry goods Index slowdown / crash of bulk shipping FREEZE UP and BAM you get DEPRESSION!
… add this to the unbearable cost of OVERTIME for POLICE and MILITARY attempting to contain / or repel these mobs and HOARDES of looters thieves rapists and murderers

NOTE: when you CRASH your COUNTRY... you don't get it back. it's GONE!

if you do not understand why I am posting this video... try to imagine ...
TRAFFIC JAM GRIDLOCK each time these PARASITES find a SEMI RIG unlocked then RAID steal PILFER empty DEVOUR the contents, spilling out with goods and people onto the FREEWAY

Riot police fire tear gas at migrants at Calais jungle
Some 800 migrants reportedly threw stones at passing trucks in a bid to get them to slow down so they could try to clamber into the back of them as they try to sneak into Britain from France.

A Czech truck driver passing through Calais has narrowly avoided being killed by migrants when they hurled a long wooden stake through the window of his cab before mobbing his vehicle.
EXCLUSIVE: Calais Trucker’s Close Brush With Death as Migrants Hurl WOODEN STAKE Through Cab Window

#Bacon logic 101 

#LibTard logic 101
Libs are pro choice. So am I. I don't see that changing. yet…
Libs want to open the borders to infinite Muslims who have upto 7 or 8 kids each.
EARTH to LIBERALS! Muslims do not share your values.
You can NOT pretend you care about EARTH then import BREEDERS

I think folks do not understand… in good times we get our cholesterol from nuts seeds cocunuts, our monounsaturated oils from Avocados, etc. others use meat milk eggs
WHEN SHTF zombies will eat your BRAINS for CHOLESTEROL

I used to be a liberal… until I realized how BRAINWASHED they are.

David Icke speaking in 2009 on the planned war involving the West against Russia and China:
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