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The American Dream           By The Provocateur Network 
A simple animated explanation of HOW the private Federal Reserve steals your money and WHY it must be stopped

Weep for your fellow humans. #BlackFriday

#LibTard logic 101
Libs are pro choice. So am I. I don't see that changing. yet…
Libs want to open the borders to infinite Muslims who have upto 7 or 8 kids each.
EARTH to LIBERALS! Muslims do not share your values.
You can NOT pretend you care about EARTH then import BREEDERS

Video: ‪#‎Turkey‬ supported jihadist group shells ‪#‎Russia‬ base in ‪#‎Syria‬.
Turkish Supported Jihadist Group Shells Russian Base in Syria

Italian Police Confiscate 800 Shotguns Heading for Belgium 
Police in Italy stopped a Turkish man attempting to transport a load of 781 pump-action Winchester SXP

A woman was set alight for spurning a man's advances, here's her brave response
Dovile Krivickaite "saw the skin on my hands peeling off before my eyes" after Mohammed Kosar doused her in petrol and set her alight in Forest Gate, East London
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