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     The Science of Boobs
‪#‎gotopless‬ The science of boobs in 3 minutes. In the light of science, all possibility of topless gender discrimination vanishes.
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Why Do Women Have Boobs Narrated by Rachel Salt 

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ISS is so huge that no rag tag terrorist group could make such a thing. It is led by an Israelinagent, funded by Saudi and supported by Turkey and US.  

What EU is experiencing is life under Zionist shadow government; they did this in various forms first ti Russia after the Bolshevik revolution, then to Germany before WWII, then to the US and now on to EU; it is in their very nature. 

Have you ever heard of the Cloward-Piven strategy? Obama and Hillary have: ‪‬

MUST WATCH! While this 10-minute presentation isn't specifically about fluoridation or the fluoride-lobby, everything that's said does apply to our campaign since our opposition uses these same tactics:

Trump should convert to Islam. Then he can say hateful things about minorities all day long & libs won't give a damn. 

Katie Hopkins: Don’t Demonise Trump, He Speaks For Millions Of Americans
'Trump is terrifying. We have seen the future—and it is bleak' said one reporter. In turn, thousands are busy clicking on a hideously impotent petition to 'BAN…

Video: Jimmy Carter Echoes Trump Ban on Immigration to US
Steps taken by Democrat President Carter during Iranian hostage crisis mirror…
Many feel The Donald has gone too far in wanting Muslims properly vetted before entering the country, but his proposal is no more far-fetched than measures enacted by Democrat President Jimmy Carter during the Iranian hostage crisis.

Centcom Investigation: War On Syria Not the Islamic State
Islamic State works with Pentagon to destroy Syria
‪#‎Pentagon‬ investigation of war on ‪#‎ISIS‬ will fine-tune destruction of ‪#‎Syria‬.

The Sharia invasion of America has officially begun...

These States Contain No-Go Zones For Non-Muslims, Outsiders Are Not Welcome

No American with a lick of common sense would want to have even ONE terrorist imported into our country yet we hear daily how liberals want to encourage this very dangerous plan. If Obama gave a flip about the safety of our citizens, he would stop this insanity. Oh, that's right...he DOESN'T care (unless he has to put on his PC panties to protect people's feelings and then he is all about it).

Why do we allow Big Pharma to victimize our children in the most barbaric mind-altering ways? ‪#‎PsychDrugs‬

- - - - - Sat Dec 12 2015 

VIDEO: "3 Things About Islam You Didn't Know"

Islam is taking over the world

There are no "no go areas" in London and Police do not fear for their safety.Really?Bow, London. November 2014
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