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What happens to our gut flora microbiome when we’re on plant-based versus animal-based diet?
Click the link to watch the video:

33 Unanswered Questions On Sandy Hook’s Third Anniversary:

Want Proof Foreign troops are here now?! Watch.
So many Foreign troops here on US soil? why... Think about it... Last time I heard over a MILLION are here spread out..waiting for what? Wake up people please

EXPLOSIVE VIDEO: These Islamic refugee extremist are out of control in Europe! Just think our President want to import them here! Keep exposing their behavior! LIKE OUR PAGE FOR UPDATES:

Radical Islam is a Death Cult
Alex Jones breaks down how these radicalized Muslims come over to America and see the decadence and are immediately pushed to try and destroy it.

Europe Importing Rapists and Criminals
Infowars reporter Paul Joseph breaks down how European countries are using the Syrian "refugees" as a way to dilute and control their populations.…

Gov't Allowing Trump Death Threats
Alex Jones discusses the double standard displayed towards presidential candidate Donald Trump and how people are allowed to threaten him if they want…

The US is being used as a doormat...contagious diseases can come right in because there is no precedent of property and no clear borders:

Hundreds of “Refugees” Caught With Images of ISIS Flags, Severed Heads on Their Phones
Police raise alarm about asylum seekers entering Norway
Authorities have discovered images of ISIS flags and severed heads on the cellphones of hundreds of asylum seekers crossing into Norway, highlighting concerns about terrorists exploiting the migrant crisis to infiltrate jihadists into Europe.

Muslims in Germany: 3 million violent Muslim attacks and 7,500 Germans killed
German police reports estimate that 7,500 Germans have been murdered by ‘aliens’ (this refers to mainly Muslim immigrants) since the Berlin wall fell in 1990.…


LAPD Performs Random ‘Stop-and-Frisk’ Searches Before Star Wars Premiere
Star Wars: The tyranny awakens on public sidewalks!
The LAPD and private security are targeting random people with ‘stop-and-frisk’ searches on public sidewalks before the premiere of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

     The Middle Class Is Dying
America's economy destroyed by design
President Obama’s record breaking national debt, increasing Obamacare tax penalties and premiums, blue collar depleting trade deals, and overall Salinsky-esque tactics are demolishing the American middle class.

Obama to Expand Modern-Day Slave Trade With TPP
President inviting slave-trading countries to join TPP
Not long after the White House invited Thailand to join the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the AP reported the country was relying on slave labor to ship shrimp to the U.S.
     And it’s unlikely Thailand’s billion-dollar slave industry would prevent it from joining the TPP considering that Obama previously removed an anti-slavery provision from the TPP and also allowed Vietnam to join the partnership despite its flourishing slave trade.

Public School Hosts ‘Walk a Mile in Her Hijab’ Day
An Illinois high school held a “Walk a Mile in Her Hijab” event last week in an attempt to help students better understand the Islamic religion.
Word of the incident stirred controversy online by those who felt the group received preferential treatment.

Cigarette Butts Banned In Illinois: Minimum $1,500 Fine to Anyone Who Throws a Butt On the Ground
In an effort to control street litter, new Illinois legislation that will take effect on Jan. 1 will make it illegal to toss a cigarette butt on the ground, and anyone who breaks…
Oh I wish. I often mention to folks nicely that these gutters flow to bay, and then birds and fish eat them. Folks are blank or mean. I do not get good responses. therefore we need enforcement.
FLOWS TO BAY. kills animals. storm drains send cig butts into SF bay

Ceiling Shattered: Trump Surges to 41% Nationally
Proving once again that many of America’s political pundits are paid…
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