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Flouride is brain poison...

Building 7 going down #911truth

EVIDENCE: Steel beam cutting demolition charges in WTC7

EVIDENCE: Demolition Squibs of debris exloding 100s of feet outwards 10-20 floors below impending collapse of WTC1 and WTC2 on 9/11/2001

FALSE FLAG 911 INSIDE JOB     see also:

Age of Stupid: Clips: War For Resources AnimationAge of Stupid: Clips: War For Resources Animation

By The Numbers – The Untold Story of Muslim Opinions & Demographics
This short film is about the acceptance that radical Islam is a bigger problem than…
By the Numbers is an honest and open discussion about Muslim opinions and demographics.

I created Aids to Deliberately to Depopulate Humanity! dr Robert Gallo

Washington is panicking that Putin is breaking the ISIS supply line -- Sott.netISIS is intergral to the West's strategy for toppling Assad For years, the US-directed NATO alliance has made sure that convoys full of food, weapons, and other… 
Putin is showing the American pubic (those who are paying attention) the brutal Truth about how what Obama has told the American public; and what he was doing behind their back. He's a fraud, through and through. He's been harboring ISIS and Al Qaida, even as they sell the story that those groups are terrorizing (and killing) Americans at home. It's all very hinkey. Thanks to Putin, now we know.

“Homeland” TV Show Inspired Terror Hoax Costs Strapped California Taxpayers $29 Million
Similar threat received in New York dismissed as implausible
‪#‎California‬ taxpayers on the hook for fake terror threat.

Filed under whats old is new again are the alarming steps Michael Springmann, a high level state department official, took to inform the Federal Government that unqualified foreign applicants were being issued visas prior to 911.
Obama Openly Networking Terror
Could the San Bernardino shooting have been prevented?


Breaking: Mistrial Declared In Freddie Gray Case
Jury unable to come to a unanimous decision
Some “Black Lives Matter” supporters are already threatening to stage riots in Baltimore after a mistrial was declared in the Freddie Gray case.

Left vs. Right -> How Do You Deal With Painful Truths?
The Left and Right perceive the world differently. One side sees it as it exists, accepts fundamental truths and facts--even if they are painful--and then adopts a worldview. The other side adopts a vision, and then views the world through that prism. Which side sees the world as reality? And which as it imagines? 

Please NOTE it is not a good idea to RUSH a COP when he says: "PUT THE KNIFE DOWN"
not a good idea to charge a COP when you have a weapon in your hand
not a good idea to charge a COP when you have ANYTHING in your hands
not a good idea to charge a COP when he warns you NOT TO! repeatedly
DO NOT scare a COP. Do NOT make a cop fear for his life… unless you are done with yours
ZOMBIES are ON DRUGS. THIS ZOMBIE MOFO kept attacking the COP after 6 BULLETS!
STFU all you LIBTARDS asking "Why did the cop have to shoot him so many times?" DUH this is your ANSWER DUMBSHIT!
"why didn't the bad cop man use his non violent taser, or pepperspray? or his words of non violence?" asks the whiney liberal
mean the cop could have bought him an ice cream cone and asked him what was troubling him
and after those 6 bullets the attacker still struck the cop with his hand, so still could have killed the cop. being a cop carries great risk of death and dismemberment. this is why cops shoot freakin weirdo nutjobs holding weapons
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