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FAN Exclusive! The "Hanukkah Miracle": an update on the fluoridation situation in Israel:

The Plot of Star Wars Frighteningly Resembles Modern Day America
May liberty, justice, and peace be with you

‘Ten things David Icke predicted that came true’ – report:

An in-depth look at the Bush family and their deep ties to Nazi Germany and the Third Reich.
Jeb Bush: Close Nazi Ties Exposed
Investigative journalist John Buchanan's interview from: 9/11 & The Rise of the Police State

Alex Jones unleashes on Jeb Bush and his mafia family that brought in the drugs, the terrorist, and 9/11. Help us spread the word about the liberty movement,...

     Islam peaceful?
Paul Joseph Watson responds to pretty much EVERY SINGLE ARGUMENT you've heard from people trying to convince you that there is no problem with islam!

HUNDREDS of Calais migrants "armed with iron bars and hammers" have stormed the entrance of the Channel Tunnel in a bid to reach the UK.
Locals in the lawless town took to social media to report as huge gangs of migrants brought traffic to a standstill as they "attacked" the tunnel.
French riot police, known as the CRS, are allegedly on the scene and there are reports of violent clashes in the streets.

Two Muslim migrants in Sweden have been charged with the hate crime murder of a gay man after they allegedly battered the victim to death before dressing him up in women’s clothing and wrapping a snake around his neck.
Sweden: Muslim Migrants Batter Gay Man to Death, Wrap Snake Around His Neck
Victim taunted over his sexual orientation during brutal murder

Sweden Descends into Anarchy"You have to understand that Swedes are really scared when an asylum house opens in their village. They can see what has happened in other places." — Salesman for alarm systems. Since Parliament decided in 1975 that Sweden…
Even before the massive influx of migrants in the fall of 2015, Swedes felt a need to protect themselves -- and with good reason. Since the Parliament decided in 1975 that Sweden should be multicultural and not Swedish, crime has exploded. 
Violent crime has increased by more than 300%, and rapes have increased by an unbelievable 1,472%.

Sharia is incompatible with Freedom and violates the Constitution.
There is no place for Sharia in the United States of America.
Gen. Boykin: 'Sharia Means the Destruction of the U.S. Constitution' | Constitutional Rights PAC
“You cannot have a coexistence between a democracy and Sharia.”...

Father Nearly Killed By Whooping Cough Vaccine
Ben Hammond was told if he wanted to see his newborn baby, he'd have to get a whooping cough vaccination. The vaccine left him a quadriplegic, unable to work and has all but totally ruined his life. His life ruined by a single vaccination. A Dr.,…

What's that? A half inch piece of steel vs. A 52"X 22"double sided I beam, surrounded by 9 inches of reinforced concrete...??? Try again, lmao. 
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