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Urgent: Google Project Loon Set to Start WiFrying the USA on January 1st, 2016

The History of Artificial Clouds: How to Geoengineer a Planet with Jet Fuel | Climate Viewer News
A Tale of Chemtrails, Soot, Sulfur, Dirty Lies, and Shady Clouds. The cold hard…
#‎Geoengineering‬ responsible for widespread ‪#‎ClimateChange‬, warns expert: ‪#‎HAARP‬ ‪#‎chemtrails‬

     Star Wars
Group Leaks New Star Wars Movie Secrets
Alex Jones looks at the Pentagon placed propaganda in Star Wars The Force Awakens which is aimed at getting women to enlist on the front lines in the…

     NWO To Be Shipped To Mars
Will billionaires claim the red planet?
He was THERE and saw it happen. Now he's breaking his silence...
REVEALED by Whistleblower: Obama Admin Shut Down Probe into Islamic Jihadists

Dryer Lint & Petroleum Jelly: The Best Fire Starter Money Can't Buy

Cotton balls and petroleum jelly prepare. Get large straws light one end of straw put out take needle nose plier's and seal end. Fill straw with prepared cotten balls and heat other end of straw and seal with plier's. Now you have a 100% water tight seal for your bug out or camping / hiking bag. I use this straw procedure for Spice's / Cooking oil and salt pepper and instant coffee carry all in my bug out bag. Just use the large straws can order them online.

     Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia To Behead Teen For Anti-Government Protest
Family goes public in final bid to save son's life

     Stop calling it money!
Here's how they did it. At your closing, the mortgage company had you sign a "Promissory Note" in which you promised your sweat, your equity, full faith and ...

$20,000 Gold And The End Of "Pollyanna-ish Do-Goodery" | Zero Hedge
"They just won't let the scales balance... it is a rampant narcissistic megalomania that somehow some guy in a air-conditioned office can best repliacte the free…

This, AFTER the Swedes open their country to ‪#‎IslamicMigrants‬?
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