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     almond milk
That's why you make your own almond milk. You take almonds and water then blend them together in a blender. Strain the pulp with cheese clothe and there you go, homemade all natural no additives almond milk.

Almond Milk — It’s Unlikely Cancer Causing Ingredient
Do you drink coconut or almond milk? Most health conscious consumers have found these products to be significantly healthier than traditional milk and pasteurized dairy products.

13 Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out To Be…

Why the CIA coined the Term "Conspiracy…

TSA Hit With Lawsuit After Nixing Body Scanner Opt Out
Jonathan Corbett sues federal agency over rule change

Prepare yourself for the brand new Climate Viewer!
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     John McAfee 
John McAfee has thrown down the gauntlet against FTL host Darryl W. Perry

3 Migrants smash in a Truckers window when he stops at a junction, and attempt to attack him.
Source publication: October 12 2015.

Muslim Mob chases cops from 'No Go' Zones in UK
History of the Bush FamilyThe documents, many of which were declassified only three years ago, show…

Brand New Leather Jacket
Asylum seekers in the United Kingdom causing it's downfall. A true story. Feel free to visit my website "Apostates & Infidels" at /...

Throwing magnet into the pipe from the copper.
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