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David Knight talks with Anthony Gucciardi about the dark secrets that the food industry doesn’t want you to know.

‘Vote No More’ - song directed and performed by Doc Mustard. Brilliant:

New Barbie Will Talk With Children, Record Their Conversations And Send It To Researchers:

I called the last one, and I'm calling this one too.
Real Estate Bubble 2.0 - Mike Maloney
More: Are you aware that we have recently surpassed the insane levels of the previous housing bubble? For more informatio...

Here's a tool to awaken your friends who are mistakenly blaming capitalism for our woes today. You can't blame something that we have not had for over 100 years.
Mike Maloney: We Don't Have Free Markets Or Capitalism
More: "We don't have free markets, and we haven't had since 1913. You can not have free markets if you don't have free ma...

Whistleblower cop!
This police officer's speaking out about quotas and the orders he received that ultimately led to him quitting.
“I believe the chief put an illegal mandate on his officers. I think it’s unfair to the community.”
‪#‎Crime‬ ‪#‎Law‬ ‪#‎Police‬ 

Ron Paul has a question for Obama on his budget: "Where's he going to get the money?"
Ron Paul also tackles misconceptions about outsourcing on the Ron Paul Channel:
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1. Moves to make vaccination compulsory - as take-up reaches all-time low:
2. Is Your Family's Health Being Traded For Profit? New BOUGHT Documentary Exposes Ugly Truth Behind Vaccines, GMO's and Big Pharma. View Free
3. Detection of measles virus RNA in urine specimens from vaccine recipients.
Analysis of urine specimens by using reverse transcriptase-PCR was evaluated as a rapid assay...
4. The majority of vaccines pushed on the American population were made in China. 83% of Vaccines Are Made in China:
...And Americans are expected to take them without question.
5. Propaganda surrounds vaccine campaign.
It’s important to look back at the 2009 and 1970′s swine flu hoaxes, specifically how CDC immunization director Dr. Anne Schuchat targeted pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers for the 2009 H1N1 swine flu shot even though the vaccine had never been tested for use by pregnant or beast feeding women.
6. Homeland Security Stockpiling Billions of Dollars of Experimental Vaccines...
7. Vaccines Are Not Safe: Dr. Russell Blaylock.
Alex Jones show January 2012. Dr. Russell Blaylock...

Isn't Your Baby's Life Worth More Than $250,000? (One size fits all, no vaccine exemptions?) Sign up; speak up @
61 Senators Betrayed You Today
Under the NDAA you can be indefinitely detained with no due process, tortured and executed. It's time to get rid of this hitlarian legislation! 

During my 2012 Israeli trip, I spoke with Alhurra TV, one of the largest Arab news channels in the world! Alhurra’s viewership is so huge, it even surpasses the BBC in ratings. This report appears to be the first one ever conducted about animal rights and veganism on Arab television, and this is no exaggeration. The reporter speaks Arabic at the beginning (there are subtitles so don’t fret) but then conducts the interview in English. The importance of this piece should not be underestimated.

200 Years Muslims have been in US History, yes now we know the "real truth of that statement". Thanks Otrama for reminding me.

A human gets treated like a cow. Live Human Branding | Animal Activism by Emily from Bite Sized Vegan.
SHOCKING! Live Human Branding | Animal Activism
human branding demonstration in solidarity with animal suffering and exploitation. alternate version: 

Statin Scam: People with Higher Cholesterol Live Longer than People with Low Cholesterol
Here is a fact that has been known for quite a long time, but it is still news to many people: People with higher cholesterol levels live longer than people with lower cholesterol levels.
The reason why this fact is not well-known in the general public is because it would put a huge dent into a $100 BILLION drug market for statin drugs - drugs that lower your cholesterol.
With approximately one out of every 4 Americans over the age of 50 currently prescribed a statin drug, a drug with very serious side effects, this is certainly one issue you should investigate yourself.

Nicholas Gonzalez, M.D. – Scientifically No Polio Vaccine was Needed - See more at:
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