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IF you only watch one video this life, please watch NOW: I shit you not.

The Story of Your Enslavement

Is medication vegan? And can a vegan, in good conscience, take medication that’s not? This is a common question amongst new and experienced vegans alike. Watch Here: In this video, I address the two main reasons medication is not vegan and what choices an ethical vegan has when it comes to required medications. Tweetables:,
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Fermentation of fiber in the gut may help explain the dramatic differences in colorectal cancer incidence around the world.
Click the link to watch the video:

Thankfully, fast food giants like McDonald’s are continuously seeing a decline in sales – which represents our collective rejection of junk food.
Processed Foods Indisputably Linked to Auto-Immune Disease
American junk food society destroying health.
Introduction to the CAFR - Why You Can't Get Ahead
There is massive fraud on the public by the institutions... 

What level of “proof” still needs to be achieved before vaccine injury has definitive confirmation?
The Truth About Vaccines & Blue Foot Syndrome
A true tale of vaccine injury.‬‬

If you've ever wondered why I do what I do, my team put this little video together that explains how we do things differently. Hope you enjoy it.
Silver & Gold's Ultimate Destiny & What It Means For You - Mike Maloney
For more, visit: GoldSilver Insider Program: At, we want ou... 

De-Clawing cats should be illegal in the US! Take a stand now! |
When a cat is getting declawed it is not really getting declawed its getting the first joint of its toes amputated. The claw is fused to the toe bone and held i...

Tattooing pets in the United States should be outlawed! |
A troubling trend is on the rise in the United States: tattooing your pets. New York was the first state in the United States...

You will hear lots of people say the first rule of a gunfight is: Have a gun! Well, that’s good thinking, but I suggest the first rule of a gunfight is: Don’t get shot! You see, getting shot can greatly reduce your chances of surviving the gunfight.

     Who KILLED JFK? this VID names the names! MUST SEE 
JFK to 911 Everything Is A Rich Man's Trick
The who, how & why of the JFK assassination. Taken...
All Wars Are Bankers' Wars
Written and spoken by Michael Rivero. The written version is here: 

"The Myth of U.S. Prosperity during World War II."
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