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I bought a motorcycle in California, rode it to the Ocean, past Alice's Restaurant and Ken Keysey's FURTHER BUS, SUPER FUN! … yet
I realized I would have to drive defensively. And that was easy to do on the first exciting day.
but I assumed I would get casual, or lazy eventually. SO I SOLD IT
This Video ROCKS! Pt 1 Dashcam. Pt 2 Bicycles. Pt 3 GO PRO
oh also I don't have eyes in the back of my head. and you can not trust cars

I watched MAD MAX in High School… got the waring about armageddon. Wanted to know how to ride a motorcycle just in case of SHTF. Good skill to have. But feel safe with a seat belt on, in a car, or hiking on a trail, away from cars.

Abby Martin Explains Why Fluoride Is Poison (Video)
Russia Today presenter, Abby Martin, takes a look at the 50-year-long tradition of adding fluoride to drinking water in America. In this video she outlines the

New Jersey Mayor Cheers End to Mass Medication Through Fluoridated Water:

Experts Respond to Inaccurate Criticism of Brain and Thyroid Studies:

How to manage blood pressure without medication: ‪#‎NaturalHealth‬

Flaxseed appears to reduce tumor growth in breast cancer patients ( This may explain why lignans are associated with improved survival.
Click to see video:

Plant-based dietary intervention was found to decrease anxiety and depression in the workplace ( See how diet may help turn that frown, upside-down smile emoticon

When Do Women Orgasm During A Hookup? (Infographic)
During a sexual hookup, men pretty consistently reach orgasm, whereas women are far less likely to do so. This so-called "orgasm gap" has become the subject of a growing amount of research attention. To date, several factors have been linked to...

My Golden Elixir Tea Recipe - Lemon Turmeric Ginger Honey Fitlifers, Today, we want to share to you an anti-inflammatory tea recipe that will reduce your pain, aid in your hydration, digestion and weight loss, and will make you feel overall incredible....

RF Fields Promote Tumors Below Human Exposure Limits

Dear Jon Stewart, from a Doctor....

Flu vaccine paradox spreading globally as more vaccinated people catch the flu

A voice that needs to be heard, so please, please...

Since I don't post enough cat videos.
Trevor Moore (The Whitest Kids U’Know): High in Church - "Kitty History" 

ADA is KILLING EARTH by paving the PLANET, killing trees putting Sidewalks on every road, even in the country. WE NEED our TREES but cities keep HACKING up their ROOTS for ADA. Years later the trees fall over in high wind. Cause they lost almost half of their roots. 
ADA is Paving EVERY surface. Dirt and gravel roads are better for Nature, for Trees, For earth. 
Penn & Teller: Bullshit! S5 E07 Handicap Parking

Happy International Women's Day!
Every day women around the world are making a difference in their communities, cities, and countries.
We like to acknowledge a few of them who took a stand to ‪#‎makeithappen‬ here in the Bay Area. 
Silver & Gold vs Real Estate - Mike Maloney 

ONE LAW FOR ONE ... French Cartoonist Zeon Arrested for Anti-Zionist Work:

Documentary All Wars Are Bankers' Wars national geographic - history channel 

Despite being the most remote location upon the planet Earth, completely uninhabited according to the CIA's World Factbook, the subantarctic volcanic island called 'Bouvet Island' is home to the top-level internet country domain code .bv and is located in the direct vicinity of several recent unsolved mysteries as outlined in the story and 1st 3 videos below. The facts we've uncovered lead us to believe a secret island headquarters of the New World Order has been discovered in one of the most remote regions on the planet that is also the home to an ongoing series of internet cyber warfare attacks being launched across the world as well as a HAARP control point for the NWO's nefarious electronic warfare.
     Far away from humanity in the south Atlantic Ocean between South America, South Africa and Antarctica, you could draw a circle with a 1000 mile radius around Bouvet Island that would contain no other land whatsoever. Ruled by Norway since 1930, it has been statused as a nature preserve, an area with no human inhabitants, yet the top-level internet domain code remains a mystery.
     Read: Secret NWO Island Headquarters Discovered At 'The Last Place On Earth'?
And here:

A Visual History of Burning Man
The history of Burning Man told through pictures and words. Currently covering 1986-1996. More to come.
For updates and info, contact scott at planttrees dot org.